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Joy Behar was fired from “The View” back in 2013, and though she was brought back, it still hits a nerve all these years later.
Dolly Parton is attacking politicians with her new rock song “World On Fire,” saying “don’t get me started on politics.”
Scott Baio has fled the liberal state of California, which he says has become a “third-world country,” to instead move to Florida.
Henry Fonda is being attacked by his daughter Jane Fonda over forty years after he passed away at the age of 77.
Jerry Springer has died at the age of 79 after a battle with cancer, and some fans will be surprised to learn one thing about him.
Kirk Douglas and Frank Sinatra put politics aside to honor the Hollywood legend John Wayne days before he died back in 1979.
February 14, 2023
Megyn Kelly slammed the Super Bowl for going “woke” by playing the Black National Anthem before the big game.
February 13, 2023
Harrison Ford, 80, is discussing his political opinions and life philosophy, saying that he “was raised Democrat.”
February 9, 2023
Joy Behar claimed that she was “happy” when she was fired from “The View,” and Whoopi Goldberg didn’t take it well.
November 7, 2022
Kid Rock is calling out Oprah for being a “fraud” after she endorsed John Fetterman over her old friend Dr. Mehmet Oz.
November 2, 2022
Rob Reiner is being blasted by John Rich for still tweeting despite calling on others to leave Twitter over Elon Musk.
John Cleese of “Monty Python” fame is slamming wokeness and the devastating impact that it has had on comedy.
Tom Hanks Hand Shaking
Tom Hanks has sparked concerns for his health after he appeared to shake uncontrollably during an event in Australia.
Meghan Markle Biden President
Joe Biden’s sister Valerie Biden Owens is inviting Meghan Markle to “join the Democratic Party” and run for president.
Kid Rock Biden
February 18, 2022
Kid Rock has long been open about his disdain for President Joe Biden, and he’s a huge fan of the chant “Let’s Go Brandon!”
Jimmy Stewart Henry Fonda friends politics Hollywood Republican Democrat
January 17, 2022
Jimmy Stewart was a Republican and Henry Fonda was a Democrat, yet the two classic Hollywood stars were best friends for life.
Matthew McConaughey Texas Governor AFP interview politics
November 4, 2021
Matthew McConaughey confirmed that he is considering running for Texas governor in an “outlaw” bid, saying he’s “aggressively centrist.”
Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence launched an unhinged attack on the “radical” wing of the GOP, claiming that they’re “dismantling Americans’ right to vote.”