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Kid Rock Biden
February 18, 2022
Kid Rock has long been open about his disdain for President Joe Biden, and he’s a huge fan of the chant “Let’s Go Brandon!”
Kid Rock Joe Biden
January 25, 2022
Kid Rock ripped into both Joe Biden and Dr. Anthony Fauci in his new song “We The People,” which dropped at midnight.
NASCAR Let's go brandon
January 5, 2022
Brandon Brown’s anti-Joe Biden “Let’s Go Brandon”-themed car has reportedly been banned by NASCAR this week.
NASCAR let's go brandon statement origins
November 8, 2021
NASCAR has officially condemned the anti-Biden “Let’s Go Brandon” chant, saying that it doesn’t want to get involved in politics.
Kid Rock Nashville t-shirts
October 29, 2021
Kid Rock is the Grand Marshal for this weekend’s All American 400 NASCAR race in Nashville and he’s selling “Let’s Go Brandon” shirts.
October 22, 2021
‘Let’s Go Brandon’ is sweeping the nation – the chant quickly went from its modest NASCAR origin to something of a legend. So who is Brandon?