Trump called Kid Rock

Earlier this week, we reported that Kid Rock released a new song “We The People,” in which he lashed out at figures like President Joe Biden and Dr. Anthony Fauci. Now, Kid Rock shared on Facebook that former President Donald Trump called him personally to praise his new song.

You can check out that song below, however, it does include profanity.

Backstory: Kid Rock Releases New Anti-Biden Song ‘We The People’

Trump Calls Kid Rock

“I just got off the phone with our 45th President (hopefully 47th) and he expressed how proud of me he was over ‘We The People’ being the #1 song on Itunes!” Kid Rock said in a Facebook post. “Suck on that you trolls, critics and haters! Thank you to all the fans, I can’t wait to see you on tour! Pedal to the f***in’ metal, LETS GO!!” 

“We The People” is a profanity-laced song in which Kid Rock slams liberal figures and “authoritarian” COVID-19 restrictions.

“Man f–k Fauci,” screams Kid Rock, according to The New York Post. “Wear your mask, take your pills, now a whole generation’s mentally ill!”

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Kid Rock Goes After Biden In The Song

Later in the tune, Kid Rock can be heard saying, “But COVID’s near, it’s coming to town, we gotta act quick, shut our borders down; Joe Biden does, the media embraces, Big Don does it, and they call him racist.”

“Inflation’s up like the minimum wage. So it’s all the same. Not a damn thing changed,” he exclaims, with the chorus including the anti-Biden “Let’s Go Brandon” chant. 

In a Facebook video promo for the song, Kid Rock explained that the “hard rock-rap tune” was inspired by “all the craziness going on in our world in the last few years, and the politics, and the polarization and social justice.”

“You know, constantly for just being a Trump fan [I am] attacked in the media day in day out,” Kid Rock said. “I don’t mind taking a punch, but I hit back, motherf–ker, and I hit hard.”

Kid Rock’s Call For Unity

While liberals will undoubtedly find “We The People” to be both offensive and divisive, it ends with a call for unity among Americans. 

“We gotta keep fighting for right to be free,” Kid Rock pleads in the song’s conclusion. “And every human being doesn’t have to agree. We all bleed red, brother, listen to me. It’s time for love and unity.”

Kid Rock is open about his conservative, pro-Trump views. Some even think Kid Rock might run for an office.