john cenas wrestlemania status
source: custom, John Cena twitter screenshot

As we are approaching the premiere event for WWE, what is John Cena’s WrestleMania status? And, who runs NXT now, following a whole lot of shuffling?

John Cena’s WrestleMania Status

As we creep closer to the Showcase of the Immortals, there are many questions. Like, what is John Cena’s WrestleMania status?

Cena, once the man who ripped on part-time WWE Superstars, has become one.

And with his part-time status comes questions about when WWE fans might see him next.

We last saw him working against Roman Reigns for last year’s SummerSlam.

So, what his John Cena’s WrestleMania status?

john cenas wrestlemania status

source: custom, John Cena twitter screenshot

Cena was on The Ellen Show, hyping up his new HBO series, The Peacemaker.

Highlights from his appearance were captured by Wrestling, Inc.

Of note, his WrestleMania status came up…and if Cena is to be believed, fans should not get their hopes up.

While the Superstar made sure to be clear that he is not done with wrestling…this year’s WrestleMania is not likely in the cards.

Now…the question is whether or not you believe him.

One reason I am somewhat skeptical, or at least holding onto a shred of hope?

Everyone knows when WrestleMania is, and I would expect WWE Superstars would know that better than anyone.

While Cena is no doubt busy, his response to the WrestleMania question raised eyebrows.

He basically said it’s sometime late March or early April..and while it’s a vague time frame…it just seemed like something he’d know with more specificity.

So, was that Cena playing coy?

Maybe. But, maybe not.

He has gotten quite busy with Hollywood, and between his schedule and the ongoing pandemic, planning in a WrestleMania appearance can be a challenge.

Still, considering it’s the biggest show of the year…and it’s a two night event…and Vince McMahon wants to pull out all the stops?

I won’t believe Cena won’t be at WrestleMania…until night two comes to an end and we still did not see John Cena.

Who Runs NXT Now?

After chaos, cuts and change…who runs NXT now?

It is a question that a year or so back, I would have not expected to ask.

Or, at least, I figured I wouldn’t be asking it until Triple H took over the main roster.

Now, Triple H does not run NXT, and may not be next in line for the main roster either.

So who runs NXT now?

As we know, last week following New Years Evil, NXT let go a number of employees known to be “Triple H’s guys”.

With names like Regal, Samoa Joe and Road Dogg gone, who runs NXT now?

who runs nxt now

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Per PWInsider, the answer is partly a familiar name

Bruce Prichard is heading up the NXT creative team now. He is working alongside Christine Lubrano, and the pair will control the creative process for NXT 2.0 moving forward.

Another notable name on the NXT creative crew is Dewey Foley, as in Mick Foley’s baby boy.

While a lot was made about how many cuts were associates of Triple H, it is only fair to then make this point:

Bruce Prichard is one of Vince McMahon’s closest associates.

While it was unlikely anyone was wondering who was in charge of NXT…that move should leave absolutely no doubt.