why kurt angle said no to aew
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While we know the Olympian declined their advances, now we also know why Kurt Angle said no to AEW. Plus, Jon Moxley had heat with Mick Foley.

Why Kurt Angle Said No To AEW

Tony Khan made an offer, but the WWE Hall of Famer declined. Now we know why Kurt Angle said no to AEW.

Angle recently spoke with The Paradox of Sports. The conversation covered a wide range of topics.

Unsurprisingly, the show asked Kurt for his take on AEW…and why he said no to them.

In general, Angle was complimentary toward AEW. He made note that he liked seeing there be another option.

One point he made, which most fans agree with, is that the emergence of competition is a good thing for all involved.

Kurt Angle was also very enthusiastic about AEW having someone like Chris Jericho involved.

When things turned to the company’s interest in him, he was candid.

why kurt angle said no to aew

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He remarked that Tony Khan had made several strong offers, and that the WWE Hall of Famer considered them.

However, he noted that he’s older and while he feels great for what he’s been through…he’s also content with what he’s doing.

Meaning, he wasn’t really looking to get back into the ring.

Plus, he may have some unfinished work with WWE.

The gold medalist noted that he has no current contract with WWE, as in not even a Legends agreement.

However, he has several projects in the works that involve WWE, and he does not want to jeopardize those.

He made it clear that, for now, he is a WWE guy and remains loyal to them.

That does not mean that won’t ever change-Angle certainly didn’t slam the door shut on the idea of an AEW run.

But, it’s clear he isn’t done with WWE projects, and he wants to see those through.

Jon Moxley Had Heat With Mick Foley

While the two former Superstars never tangled on television or in the ring, it turns out Jon Moxley had heat with Mick Foley.

Moxley, at the time known as Dean Ambrose in WWE, crossed a line…and in hindsight, he did not even know it.

Foley was recently a guest on Busted Open Radio and explained why the AEW star had heat with him.

As he put it, he was approached to engage in an angle that was to percolate via social media.

The problem was…Moxley was mentioning Foley’s kids…and the Hall of Famer didn’t like that.

jon moxley had heat with mick foley

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However, due to some communications issues…things did not stop when they should have.

As Foley laid it out, Moxley took Foley’s ask to leave the kids out of is as all part of the angle.

Meaning, instead of no longer going after Dewey and Noelle…he amped up the vitriol.

With the attacks still coming, Foley said he got extremely angry, as he felt the Superstar was being out of line.

It turns out that while Moxley had heat with Mick Foley, it was largely a communications issue.

While some of it was lost when Mox thought it was all part of the plan, that only covered part of it.

As Mick Foley told the hosts, when things didn’t immediately cease, he sent Moxley texts.

However, things didn’t stop, because Mox was in Europe and there was a disconnect.

Ultimately, the feud never got into the ring due to Foley understandably not passing a physical with WWE.

However, if only for a brief time, Moxley legitimately had heat with Mick Foley.

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