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Death, Taxes, and WWE firing people. This latest round of releases from the WWE seems to be featured around the Performance Center. Perhaps as a nod to NXT’s evolution from “Black and Gold” to “2.0”, a lot of PC stalwarts are now in the unemployment line. Perhaps the most shocking of all the releases is NXT General Manager and trainer William Regal. 

When I saw the rumors that Regal was released, I was shocked and disappointed. Most WWE releases I can understand or, at the very least, don’t care about. This is the first in a while that upset me. By nearly all accounts, Regal is one of the top minds in wrestling and a great trainer and recruiter of talent. His eye for wrestling brought in Kevin Owens, Johnny Gargano, Tomasso Ciampa, and even commentator Corey Graves. 

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Of course, the wrestling world was shocked and dismayed by this news and took to Twitter to voice their shock, sadness, and well-wishes for Regal.

Gargano, who wouldn’t have had his run without Regal, issued this statement of praise and thanks.

Bryan Alvarez, who is most of the time a joke and embarrassment best ignored, was as skeptical as I was to this release.

Plenty of wrestlers expressed themselves over this news.

Fans and observers alike were upset by this decision.

Also, Rest in Peace to one of the best recurring bits in all wrestling.

Regal’s influence over WWE cannot be overstated

Why Was William Regal Released?

There is a conspiracy theory that all these releases are being done to undermine Triple H, who has been sidelined after a significant health scare. I don’t think that’s it. WWE is a cold business that makes hard business decisions. I think NXT is dramatically transforming, and the brass probably feels new blood is needed to fit WWE’s new mission of growing their talent.

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