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AEW is certainly giving the WWE a run for their money. However, TNT Champion Cody Rhodes recently reveals that the diverse roster has created ego clashing among talents. More on this story, below.

Cody Rhodes: AEW Has Ego Problems

Recently talking with Fite TV’s Fite in Focus, Cody Rhodes notes that AEW has a cross range of both veteran and newer superstars within the company. He also notes that the egos within the roster have created backstage conflicts.

Rhodes states that the variety of superstars is “wonderful to see”. He indicates that Tony Khan refers to these “new free agents” as AEW’s new generation.

Cody states that this diversity within the roster creates great stories and great wrestling. He also believes that 2022 will be AEW’s most successful year yet.

Cody Rhodes On AEW Ego Issues

Rhodes notes that AEW has grown over these past three years and will continue to do so. It’s because everyone involved loves it so much.

He also states that if fans come backstage, they’ll see there’s no other place like it. He admits that the AEW roster has its problems and egos, plus superstars that don’t get along.

However, he also states that for the most part, it’s a team effort. He also reveals that the roster offers the most “team effort” that he’s ever seen in his life.

From this perspective, AEW’s backstage seems like a positive work environment. There will always be people that don’t get along, but it’s nice to hear most of the superstars do.

Over to the land of WWE, the New Day continues to be one of the most popular factions in the company. They’ve had a long run as faces, so is it time to turn heel?

New Day Push For Heel Run

The New Day started off as faces and then turned heel when they debuted in 2014. However, their heel gimmick caught on so well, they turned back to babyface and have been so ever since.

Cody Rhodes AEW Ego

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Xavier Woods recently chatted with Alistair McGeorge of Metro. During the interview, he reveals that he would love the stable to turn heel again.

Big E chimed in and said he’d be game for it, too. But, could this happen anytime soon?

It’s “Fun” To Scream At Kids

In a hilarious comment during the interview, Woods reveals he’s a “horrible” person. He also adds he thinks it’s “fun” to “scream” at kids.

To clear up those comments, Xavier adds that while it is fun to be cheered, it’s also fun to be “snarky”, rude, and disliked. Both types of characters are interesting to play.

Big E agreed with Woods, adding that “both sides” are fun to play. He also notes that he wouldn’t be mad if the faction did turn heel.

Big also says during the interview that The New Day’s turns in the past happened, naturally. That is, they were face than heel, then face again.

He’s hoping that could happen again at some point. However, he notes that because of their popularity, it may not occur anytime soon.

Should the New Day turn heel? Perhaps, this lies in the hands of the fans.

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