cody rhodes denies rumors
source: custom, AEW screenshot

We’ve heard reports of discord within AEW leadership, but Cody Rhodes denies those rumors. Plus, Jim Ross predicts the next big star, and the name might surprise you.

Cody Rhodes Denies Rumors

Over recent months, there have been interesting reports about issues between AEW executives. Now, Cody Rhodes denies those rumors.

In fact, Rhodes did a bit more than deny the rumors.

Cody Rhodes-one of the executives purported to have issues with other execs in AEW-blamed the rumors on WWE fanboys.

cody rhodes denies rumors

source: custom, AEW screenshot

To set the stage, let’s recap how we got to this point.

Over the last couple months, stories bubbled up that there was “legit heat” between a number of the AEW executives.

This is notable because, well, these executives are also AEW on air performers. Names like Cody Rhodes, The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega.

According to these rumblings, the men were no longer speaking…which would be big news considering all that they have done and built.

The Young Bucks, being the Bucks, naturally poked fun at the rumors.

Now, Cody Rhodes denies those rumors…and he had his own take on it.

Specifically, Rhodes denied the rumors, crediting their origins to “hardcore WWE fans”.

The denial and analysis came from the AEW executive ahead of the company’s latest PPV, Double Or Nothing, on May 30th.

There’s a couple ways to look at it.

One, of course an AEW executive would deny that. Even if the rumors were true, I’d be stunned if one of the executives actually came out and confirmed them.

Two…maybe, just maybe, they are purely rumors, made up by some bored fan somewhere…in which case, Cody Rhodes is probably right to deny the rumors.

From this vantage point…things sure look to be firing on all cylinders for AEW. If there is discontent, they are doing a fine job masking it.

If I were a betting man, however, I’d say things are far closer to Cody Rhodes’ denial than anything.

Jim Ross Predicts Next Big Star

AEW commentator Jim Ross has been around wrestling for a long time and has witnessed some big talent. Now, Jim Ross predicts the next big star…and it may surprise you.

Then again, if you are a fan of AEW, maybe it won’t.

Good ol’ JR has gone on the record as saying he believes Wardlow can be the next big star.

Jim Ross predicts next big star

source: custom, AEW screenshot

The legendary announcer went so far as to state that he believes Wardlow could be on the level of Batista.

In case you hadn’t been paying attention, Batista is a multi-time champion in WWE. He’s also a Hollywood star and very nearly a WWE Hall of Famer.

Or, put it another way…that is high praise. And, some very big boots to try and fill.

Currently, Wardlow is enjoying his time as part of MJF’s Pinnacle stable in AEW. Considering that Batista really started rolling as part of a faction…it’s not a bad place to start.

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