New Day Idea Pitched

WWE has been debating the idea of placing the New Day on separate brands, but they would remain a stable. Also, Ricochet has responded to rumors that he is looking to leave WWE in the near future.

New Day Idea Pitched

There have been continued talks from WWE about splitting up the New Day. According to WrestleVotes the idea was discussed and still remains somewhat on the table.

While the split would see the three members on different brands, they would still remain a stable.

The idea pitched was for Kofi Kingston to return to RAW, while Big E stayed on SmackDown. As for Xavier Woods, he would work both brands as a manager for Kingston and Big E.

They would keep their music, ring attire and any other traits that are associated with the group. 

For now, WWE is not moving forward with the idea, but a split across brands has not been ruled out. There was no reason for why the idea was not given the green light.

Current Status Of Each Member

Currently, two thirds of the stable are off TV due to injury. 

Woods has been out with an Achilles tear since October 2019. His return was already exspced, although this type of injury can be tricky.

As for Kingston, he was written off TV in July. He is dealing with an ankle injury with no return date set.

While away, Big E has been given a major push on SmackDown. With Roman Reigns no longer the top face, it seems like WWE is preparing Big E for a title shot.

Sheamus and Big E have been doing battle, with an injury angle currently taking place. A few weeks back, Sheamus dropped Big E across a car and he has not been seen since that incident.

In terms of popularity, few have accomplished what New Day have done. 

Quickly, the fans attached to the gimmick and they have been running with the same idea for years. Fans do not want the group split, but WWE’s proposed plan might keep everyone happy.

New Day Idea Pitched, Ricochet Responds On Departure Rumor

Ricochet Possibly Leaving WWE

A few days ago, there was speculation of a superstar no longer wanting to stick around WWE when their contract ended. Then, in the past 24 hours, RAW’s Ricochet was mentioned as the person looking to leave.

He took to Twitter and quickly dismissed those claims.

There is a strong possibility Ricochet is working fans on the internet. His contract is up in January and he cannot be happy with his spot in the company.

After an impressive stint in NXT, he was sent to the main roster. He looked set for a push before being placed at the bottom of the roster.

Paul Heyman was a big fan, but he has no say about creative after losing his RAW Executive Director position. As for Vince McMahon, he must not see Ricochet as a major star.

If Ricochet does leave, he will find plenty of opportunities outside of WWE.