top new contracts expiring soon
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Things may be getting interesting, as several top AEW contracts are expiring soon. And, it seems a former NXT Champion could be preparing for a move up to the main roster.

Top AEW Contracts Expiring Soon

With a lot of talent moving around lately, it seems more top AEW contracts will be expiring soon.

This may not be as big a concern as it seems, but it is worth watching.

Earlier, news broke that The Young Bucks had extended their time with AEW. Initially, reports indicated that the brothers would be with the company five more years.

It has since been clarified that it was not a five year new deal, but rather two.

Still, that means the Bucks are All Elite until the end of 2023.

Per the Wrestling Observer, the brothers didn’t so much sign new contracts. Rather, their contracts had an option for a two year extension, with raises, which Tony Khan executed.

The Observer also noted that the Bucks were the first of a number of contracts coming up out of the first batch of AEW talent.

top new contracts expiring soon

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Names like Cody Rhodes and Chris Jericho are also set to see their AEW contracts expiring soon. While it is not clear if these other top AEW contracts have extension clauses as well, it seems likely.

So the question, at least in the short term, is whether AEW will pick up those extensions. 

Given the state of the WWE roster, it seems likely that AEW will extend any and all contracts it can.

Not every AEW talent is re-upping, though. In the case of Big Swole, she did not renew her contract due to personal health reasons.

So yes, top AEW contracts are expiring soon. However, seeing how everyone there seems quite happy, this feels like it will be much ado about nothing.

Former NXT Champion Preparing For Move

We used to think we’d never see him work on this side of the Atlantic…and now a former NXT Champion appears to be preparing for a call-up to the main roster.

If that wasn’t a big enough hint, the former NXT Champion who might be preparing is WALTER.

Over his career, much has been said about WALTER not leaving Europe to wrestle. 

WWE wanted him, and with the arrival of NXT UK, WALTER was soon on board. 

However, it was clear that NXT UK couldn’t give him everything either. Ultimately, WALTER began working over in Florida, making a number of appearances at the Performance Center.

That includes the last appearance of the former NXT UK Champion, when he dropped the title to Ilya Dragunov.

Now, it seems he could be preparing for a move to the main roster. 

Per reports, the main reason WALTER was not interested in working full time in the United States was his now former wife.

former nxt champion preparing for move

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WALTER is now dating a fellow NXT Superstar. On top of that, he’s apparently been spending his time off TV in the gym.

The Observer indicated that the former champion had been spotted recently and looked to be in tremendous shape.

It is entirely possible that the two are not related. Maybe WALTER is not headed for a move to the main roster.

However, it makes so much sense. If the Superstar is more willing than ever to do it, and is getting in great shape…where there is smoke, there is fire.

Given the timing of things, I cannot help but wonder if WWE has a main roster move in mind for WALTER.

With the Royal Rumble not that far off, having him debut and impress in the Rumble could be great.

This one bears watching, so stay tuned.

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