Kenny Omega AEW Return
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Kenny Omega might not make his AEW return as quickly as some thought. Also, Shawn Michaels on Triple H’s heart surgery and his future.

Kenny Omega AEW Return Delayed?

From the beginning, Kenny Omega has been part of AEW. He works for them as a wrestler and also plays a backstage role.

After a slow start, Omega finally found his groove in AEW. With “Hangman” Adam Page, they would capture the tag titles and that was just the start.

Months later, Omega turned heel as he won the World Championship. He kept the belt for around 300 days before dropping it to Page, which brought their entire angle full circle.

After Full Gear, Omega’s only appearance was letting The Young Bucks know he was taking time off. Like stated in the promo, Omega does need to heal up several injuries.

There was speculation he might be back by February, but that seems to have changed. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted how there is no timeframe for a return.

Before taking the break, Omega stated he is not sure how much more his body can take. At one point, he noted how the damage done might be beyond repair. 

When, or if Omega does return, an angle is already forming. Do not be surprised if we see Omega & The Young Bucks take on Adam Cole, Bobby Fish & Kyle O’Reilly.

Triple H’s Health Status

Kenny Omega AEW Return

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Triple H has done everything possible in the wrestling business. He became a top star in WWE and eventually landed a nice backstage role by marrying a McMahon.

One of his many projects was to redo the developmental territory. He created NXT and quickly produced some future champions while gabbing big Indy names.

Although, in a short time, lots has changed. Triple H is working a much lighter schedule because of a heart issue and NXT looks unrecognizable.

Shawn Michaels spoke with Denise Salcedo about NXT and gave some insight into Triple H’s condition.

“Most of it is me bothering him to be perfectly honest,” said Michaels. “He has worked so much over the last several years and I don’t think he understood that it becomes your normal.”

“For him to step away for a little bit, look, that takes getting used to. I went through it obviously, I am one of the rare people that was ready to do it and embrace it.” 

“But, when it just happens out of the blue and you’re not expecting it; for him to go a hundred miles per hour to nothing was an adjustment. But I think he is, especially around this time of year, he’s now starting to realize like ‘hey this isn’t too bad.’” 

“I think he’s bordering enjoying himself now to be perfectly honest. It’s a well deserved break for him, for sure.”

The only recent sighting of Triple H was during a tour of an upcoming WrestleMania venue. WWE has not publicly commented on what happened.

In fact, some people believe Triple H is done as an in-ring competitor. He has not really wrestled in years and there is nothing left to accomplish.

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