Jeff Hardy Stop Wrestling
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Eric Bischoff has worked with Jeff Hardy during those darks days and thinks he stop wrestling. Also, Tony Khan is upset over recent FOX News comments.

Jeff Hardy Told To Stop Wrestling

Many WWE wrestlers were released over the past twelve months because of the pandemic. Some wanted out and Jeff Hardy might fit into that group.

In bizarre moment, Hardy simply left through the crowd during the main event of a live show. WWE offered him more rehab, but he turned them down and was released. 

Eric Bischoff worked with Hardy before and knows the demons he has battled. On 83 Weeks, Bischoff hoped Hardy would leave the pro wrestling business. 

“I hope Jeff gets whatever help he needs, I hope he gets out of wrestling,” said Bischoff. “I don’t want to see him go to AEW, I don’t want to see him go back to WWE.” 

“For Jeff’s sake that Jeff doesn’t want to go to AEW or Jeff doesn’t want to go back to WWE. There’s a time when in order to heal and in order to stay healthy [you have to leave].” 

“He’s only 40 something years old, he’s young. He’s still got a whole lifetime ahead of him and there’s a point where you’re struggling and you have these situations that you find yourself in and you’re struggling with the same issue over and over again.”

“You have six months or a year where things are under control and then you fall back into it again,” said Bischoff. “You have to ask yourself is it time to change my world?” 

“Is it time to change my environment? Is it time to change where I put my priorities?” 

“Because if putting your priorities and being involved in this industry is not helping your situation and possibly making it more difficult, then it’s time to walk away. He’s still young.” 

“I’m sure he’s made a ton of money. Man, there’s a time to walk away and put your health and family first.”

Jeff Hardy And His Wrestling Past With Eric Bischoff

Bischoff knows Hardy and his drugs problems well because of Victory Road. During the event, an intoxicated Hardy tried to wrestle Sting in the main event before Bischoff changed the match on live TV.

It was embarrassing and sad to watch.

As for Hardy’s future, it is very much up in the air. Whatever happens, hopefully Hardy gets some help.

Tony Khan Slams FOX News

Jeff Hardy Stop Wrestling

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FOX News is known to anger some people and that includes Tony Khan. The AEW President was not happy about an opinion article looking at the problems his father’s NFL team, the Jacksonville Jaguars, are going through,

The article mentioned AEW too, which seemed to anger Tony. He sent out several tweets, highlighting AEW’s success opposite FOX News.

It seems doubtful FOX News will respond. Although, if they do, Tony will be ready to snap right back.

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