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WWE Fans Need To Pray For Jeff Hardy & His Wrestling Career

The wrestling world is buzzing with the news of Jeff Hardy being released from the WWE. What does this mean for his career, now?

WWE Fans Need To Pray For Jeff Hardy & His Wrestling Career

As most may already know, the WWE released Jeff Hardy on Thursday, December 9th. According to the New York Post, the company offered the superstar an option to go to rehab, and he declined. Therefore, they released him from his current contract.

Fans began to speculate about Hardy’s status with the WWE after he was sent home during a weekend live event. The company is currently on its holiday tour. While Jeff made it to a house show in Texas and participated in the main event, he ended up walking away from the match before it ended. The WWE sent him home shortly after the incident.

Jeff partnered up with Xavier Woods and Drew McIntyre, facing The Usos (Jey and Jimmy), alongside Universal Champion, Roman Reigns. Near the end of the bout, Hardy left the ring and walked out through the crowd. A social media post below offers a look at exactly what Jeff did.

Jeff Hardy & His Struggle With Addiction

It’s no secret, Jeff Hardy has had his fair share of alcohol and drug addiction issues throughout his wrestling career, including his time in WWE. At the age of 44, he has multiple charges, including trafficking controlled prescription pills, as well as public intoxication, and driving while impaired.

Therefore, leaving the house show match could have been due to some of his addiction issues, especially if WWE offered rehab and he refused. While the company has released a slew of superstars this year, where some fans may feel was unjust, in this case, it may make sense as to why the company decided to let go Jeff.

Like most released wrestlers, Jeff Hardy is probably bound to a 90-day non-compete clause. This means he has about three months at home before he can wrestle with another promotion. Hardy has had an incredible career, racking up multiple championships across all the major wrestling companies, including Impact and Ring of Honor. In fact, he’s pretty much done it all in the WWE, capturing all the gold at one point or another. Jeff’s a WWE Triple Crown Champion and Grand Slam Champion.

But at the end of the day, if he’s dealing with addiction demons, jumping to another promotion might not be the best solution, until he has control over it. Almost any wrestling company would be more than eager to have him. He’s a legend, and undeniably entertaining when he’s on his best game. With his brother Matt working for AEW, Jeff may be a shoo-in there. However, the key is that he needs to be in tip-top shape. Sobriety is a day-to-day struggle that should not be judged. One must focus on healing and recovery before anything else. Sometimes it is easier said than done.

What Happens To Jeff Hardy & His WWE Wrestling Career, Now?

The wrestling business is a hard industry for any superstar. The travel, media demands, and being flexible to “on-the-fly” changes in storylines and matches can be hard on any talent. Perhaps, all that Hardy needs is some rehab, time with his family, self-care, and re-assessment.

With three months to work on his sobriety, mental and overall health, thanks to WWE’s non-compete clause, this might be exactly what Jeff Hardy needs to return to the ring stronger than ever. Then again, with the success he’s achieved in this business, he may decide to pursue another role within wrestling or move out of the industry altogether.

The ball is in Jeff Hardy’s hands, and all that his fans worldwide can do at this point is pray for the wellbeing of this incredibly entertaining and kind soul. At the end of the day, his happiness and health are all that matter. Whether he decides to return to the ring or not.

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