Jeff Hardy Released WWE
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WWE has released Jeff Hardy yet again following what occurred at a live event only day away. So, here the latest on the developing story.

Jeff Hardy Released By WWE Days After Alarming Video Appears

Over the weekend, fans witnessed a strange moment during a live event. Jeff Hardy was working the main event in a six person tag team match when he suddenly left through the crowd.

Rey Myserio came out and helped finish the match. The moment left many fans concerned.

Video of the match has hit the internet. At first, nothing seems too off with the match.

Although, as time went on, Hardy seemed somewhat out of it. When going to make the hot tag, he seemed unclear what side of the ring he was in.

FightFul Select now reports WWE has released Hardy. There were no details if the release had to do with solely happened this weekend or was an accumulation of issues.

Sadly, this is not the first time he has dealt with possible drug issues. He has been suspended and even fired by WWE before for refusing treatment.

In Impact Wrestling, he followed the same pattern and that led to the infamous match against Sting. That night, Hardy tried to compete while high on drugs and it was embarrassing for everyone.

Jeff Hardy Released WWE

Source: @nodqdotcom, Twitter, Screenshot

So, we do want to note that there has not been a confirmation if Jeff requested the release or if WWE made the call. Typically, WWE offers the talent a chance to enter rehab.

If the superstar turn down the offer, then WWE has the right to fire them. This has happened in the past with Kurt Angle and others.

Matt Hardy said his brother is okay, so we are not fully sure what is going on at the moment.

Hopefully, Jeff gets the help he seemingly need. Remember, Jeff has fallen many times because of his demons.

But, he always manages to get back-up and keep fighting. Jeff is a huge fan favorite and people are pulling for him, including everyone at Wrestle Newz.

Fans Send Jeff Hardy Love

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