wwe won't release this superstar
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While the company has cut loose plenty in recent months, it seems WWE won’t release this specific Superstar. Plus, we have an awesome moment for Tony Khan in the news.

WWE Won’t Release This Superstar

In spite of all the cuts in recent months, we are hearing that WWE won’t release this one specific Superstar.

Yep, you read that right. During a stretch where we have become numb to the number of releases from WWE…at least one Superstar won’t be released any time soon.

Or, she will get the ax tomorrow, and we just jinxed her.

But for now, it seems that WWE won’t release this specific Superstar.

So who is this Superstar? That would be Paige.

wwe won't release this superstar

source: custom, @theatrinidad twitter screenshot

To be fair, you could argue that she’s gotten a sweetheart deal. It surely has not hurt things for Paige.

She is getting paid, likely pretty well, for what amounts to not much work.

While other Superstars-or, former Superstars-had popular Twitch streams ended, Paige remains up and running-and popular.

So why is it WWE won’t release this Superstar? Considering that Paige hasn’t worked in a few years, and likely won’t ever work in the ring again…it’s a good question.

Per the Wrestling Observer, guilt may play a role in the state of things.

Specifically, WWE may feel some guilt about how and when the final injury bit Paige.

So, in a time where we see talent getting released left and right, Paige seems immune to the cuts-for now, anyways.

Seeing WWE keep Paige on without being able to wrestle could prove interesting. She’s done bits and pieces for the company over recent years.

And, if WWE truly trusts in Paige’s work, she may be escaping more layoffs as they come down.

Awesome Moment For Tony Khan

We go from chatting about releases, to talking about an awesome moment for Tony Khan.

awesome moment for tony khan

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Much has been said about all the wrestling industry. Specifically, how brutal things can be for competition between companies.

Not that long ago, Ring of Honor announced that it was closing up shop for a bit.

The major indy promotion-which has seen it’s share of top talent work through-is looking to close it’s doors shortly.

While not going out of business, the company admits they are going on hiatus. During the hiatus, the company is expected to re-align in order to better move forward.

But before they can go into full on hiatus mode, there is one final show to run.

And this is where we see an awesome moment from Tony Khan.

It seems that Khan is doing what he can to provide assistance to Ring of Honor.

We don’t know what, if any, money changed hands. At first glance, it seems more like a talent swap.

It’s been said that recent signee Jay Lethal would be available and is expected to work the show.

On Busted Open, Khan implied that fans of Ring of Honor could expect more surprises.

For AEW, it’s a good move. For Tony Khan specifically, it gives us an awesome moment.

To see what other surprises Tony Khan hinted at, it should be worth the time and effort to catch Ring of Honor’s last PPV of 2021.