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Vince McMahon & Seth Rollins Get Heated, AEW Women Feel Unsafe

In a bit of a surprise, we've heard that Vince McMahon & Seth Rollins got heated. Plus, AEW women feel unsafe as creeps are getting too close.

It’s been an eventful year or so for WWE, and now we heard that Vince McMahon & Seth Rollins get heated over some creative decisions. Plus, AEW women feel unsafe after a recent scare.

Vince McMahon & Seth Rollins Get Heated

In a year where WWE has seen major Superstars leave or be released, they need everyone happy, right? Well, then should we worry about when Vince McMahon & Seth Rollins get heated?

Because, per Seth Rollins himself, that is exactly what happened not that long ago.

Seth Rollins revealed as much during his time on the Broken Skull Sessions.

Rollins recalled a time when his run was getting stagnant. He said that he was called into Vince McMahon’s office to discuss his creative direction.

vince mcmahon seth rollins get heated
source: custom, Seth Rollins twitter screenshot

As the Superstar puts it, that conversation between Vince McMahon & Seth Rollins managed to get quite heated.

McMahon felt that Rollins had lost his edge, and as The Boss does, he pushed his Superstar to find that fire again.

That is about when things got heated, but as Rollins recounts it, things worked out.

Perhaps more importantly, Seth Rollins made sure to say that he has the utmost respect for his boss. While things did get heated, both men made their points.

Things obviously have worked out. Seth Rollins is currently in the midst of a hot feud with WWE Hall of Famer Edge, and doing some of the best work he’s done.

But, it just goes to show you, even top Superstars will get into heated conversations with Vince McMahon from time to time.

AEW Women Feel Unsafe

This one probably has less to do with wrestling, per se, except for who it involved. That said, recently a couple AEW women had reason to feel unsafe.

The two involved? Kiera Hogan and Diamante.

Diamante herself posted a recap of the situation to her Twitter account.

I said this had less to do with wrestling, outside of who it involved. Meaning, it could have been two wrestling fans stalking the pair…or it could have just been creepy men.

No matter the case, there is no excuse for this.

aew women feel unsafe
source: custom, twitter screenshot

I’ve been a sports fan a great deal of my life. Fans always end up waiting around the arena for players or talent to leave.

As fans had more access and information (social media helped here), they learned where stars would be staying. Soon, these fans wouldn’t try to just wait outside a stadium.

Camping out inside or outside of a hotel became way too normal…but in most cases those fans were there during normal hours, and stuck to the lobby.

The men involved in this scary incident? They knocked on the door to the AEW women’s room…and at or after midnight.

That is unacceptable and scary on so many levels. It would not be acceptable if they weren’t well known AEW women, or any women.

Fortunately, this instance ended without any issue.

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