sheamus had surgery recently
source: custom, Sheamus WWE twitter screenshot

While we’ve seen him with a protective mask for a while now, Sheamus had surgery recently to fix things up. Plus, Seth Rollins reacts to an NXT promo.

Sheamus Had Surgery Recently

Everyone knows that Sheamus busted his nose over the summer and has worn a mask ever since. Now, Sheamus had surgery recently to correct things.

How recently? How about Wednesday morning.

That news comes straight from the Celtic Warrior’s official twitter account.

In recent weeks, I was beginning to suspect his mask was becoming more of a gimmick as the nose healed. 

sheamus had surgery recently

source: custom, Sheamus WWE twitter screenshot

However, it was not, and in spite of the mask, the nose was re-broken on RAW.

With his nose once again busted, Sheamus underwent surgery Wednesday morning to fix things up.

He posted a follow-up, so it seems things went, or were going, well.

Clearly, Sheamus is legit one of the toughest Superstars on the roster. Anyone watching knew his nose was busted, and he never missed a beat.

To then break it again in another match, and not skip a beat again? That just solidifies his status, in terms of just how tough he really is.

There is no word on whether or not Sheamus will miss any time this time around.

I have to think his surgeon might make a stronger recommendation to spend some time not brawling. After all…it might be nice to actually let the break heal.

With the Draft beginning Friday and concluding Monday, it will be interesting to see where Sheamus lands.

As a fan, I wouldn’t be terribly upset to see him end up on the same brand as Cesaro. A Bar reunion could be fun, and provide one show another good tag team.

Seth Rollins Reacts To NXT Promo

We recently noted that Vince McMahon wants NXT 2.0 to provide fans with edgier content. With that in mind, WWE Superstar Seth Rollins reacts to a recent NXT promo delivered by Bron Breakker.

seth rollins reacts to nxt promo

source: custom, WWE NXT twitter screenshot

The promo was summarized via the NXT social media account…and the post was liked by a former NXT Superstar as well.

Breakker, who is honing in on Tommaso Ciampa and his newly re-won NXT Championship, cursed in a promo aired on Tuesday’s show.

There is a lot to unpack from this one brief tweet.

For one thing, the last couple weeks have shown us there is truth to the report. Promos last week and this week have definitely felt more aligned with almost an Attitude Era vibe.

However, it also seems like Seth Rollins has a short memory, or is not fully watching the main roster shows.

It was not that long ago that Goldberg stormed into a WWE ring and used a variation of the curse that Bron Breakker used. On RAW, on live television.

I actually feel like Bobby Lashley used similar language in recent weeks as well, and it made it on air (I could be wrong here).

Point being, things are definitely getting edgier, some of which may be planned. It’s possible the main roster instances were heat of the moment and off script.

Cable networks tend to have a bit more leeway with content, especially after certain times of the day. FOX and SmackDown probably never will.

So could we actually see some edginess get back into RAW? I wouldn’t hold my breath, but I find it interesting that a top Superstar such as Seth Rollins took the time to react to the NXT promo.

In promos, as in life, you hope that the language is not always used-infrequently to punctuate a strong promo, but not regularly just because.

Still, with AEW heating up and proving to be competition, WWE might have to get as creative as it can to keep up.


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