Vince McMahon Probably Finds AEW Garbage according to Jon Moxley
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Jon Moxley stated this week that Vince McMahon probably thinks AEW is garbage. With it, Moxley once shows great support for his promotion.

Moxley Claims Vince McMahon Probably Finds AEW Garbage

Vince McMahon probably thinks AEW is garbage

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In a recent interview, Jon Moxley stated Vince McMahon probably does not think much of AEW matches. In fact, he believes he may find them garbage.

“Vince McMahon would watch a lot of AEW matches and just say ‘oh that’s garbage! They’re not selling, slow it down this crap. Blood and guts!’ But he wouldn’t be paying attention to the 15,000 people going nuts and out of their mind.”

Moxley also mentions how he feels vindicated through the current success of All Elite.

“So I feel a little bit vindicated, because I said a lot about what wrestling should be, and that’s what AEW was going to do. And that’s what we did. Now look where we are? So I’m kind of like, I’m going to have a little bit of a flex and a little bit of an ‘I told you so’ moment.”

All Elite started out as an indie promotion. When they launched, there were rumors about WWE board members having a good laugh at their expense.

But it seems that WWE did not take the threat seriously enough. Now, AEW has become their main competition. 

Moxley was one of the first people to join AEW, aside from Kenny Omega, the Bucks, and Chris Jericho. Now, he is one of the main attractions on the promotion.

The Key To Success

Jon Moxley

Source: Screenshot, YouTube

Since its inception, there has always been a lot of discussion about the key of AEW’s success. And there could be many contributors. 

While I believe that AEW is successful due to the fact it puts on great matches and actually listens to fans. But Moxley said something fitting during his interview. 

During his interview, Moxley discusses how he likes wrestling characters. And this take on wrestling characters could actually be one of the contributors to the success of the promotion.

“I’ve talked a lot of crap about what I think sucks in wrestling and I think characters should be authentic. And I don’t like stupid, hokey crap. I don’t like scripts and writers. I’ll never read a script for the rest of my life. You can bet your ass on that. That’s not the way interviews should be done and characters should be done. A guy like Eddie Kingston is Eddie Kingston 24/7. He finishes a cigarette, walks into a building and goes into a ring. That’s not a put on character going on here, and that’s what wrestling should be, letting guys be themselves and have their own creativity.”

Writers and scripts are a big part of WWE, but not of AEW. Could that be where the difference lies?

Giving wrestlers more freedom to find characters and popularity has certainly helped many people on the AEW roster. I expect it will continue to do so in the nearby future and in the years to come.

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