Daniel Bryan Trying To Wrestle Outside WWE, Konnan Needs A Kidney

Daniel Bryan Wrestle Outside
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The contract of Daniel Bryan will end shortly and he is open to wrestle outside of WWE. Also, Konnan will need a new kidney.

Daniel Bryan Trying To Wrestle Outside WWE

Daniel Bryan has been honest about his future. While some wrestlers try to keep the spotlight decades after their prime, that is not the case with Bryan.

In fact, he has publicly stated that he is slowing down being a full-time wrestler. While he is not looking to retire, working a less hectic schedule seems to be the plan.

While speaking to BT Sport, Bryan spoke about life after WWE. As previously reported, his contact is up soon.

“It’d be interesting if I could wrestle in different companies and WWE,” said Bryan. “That’s something I’m trying to weasel my way into right now.”

When you are under contract with WWE, they rarely let anyone compete for another company. They have made a few exceptions, but they always involve their superstars not appearing on TV.

Therefore, working with AEW, NJPW or other major wrestling promotions outside of WWE seems like a long shot. So, that leaves Bryan with a major decision to make.

For the past year, Bryan has focused on other talent. He wants to elevate others and that has been seen with the likes of Apollo Crews and Cesaro.

Still, he was booked in the main event of WrestleMania 37. There, he and Edge were pinned at the same time by Universal Champion Roman Reigns.

Daniel Bryan’s Role Outside Of In-Ring Competition

Besides being an active wrestler, Bryan also works backstage with WWE. He is involved with helping the creative department.

A big reason for Bryan wanting to wrestle less is because of his family. He is married to Brie Bella and they have two children together.

For Bryan, the past few years have been special. At one point,  WWE doctors would not clear him to compete ever again.

Although, Bryan would not listen. He continued to work past his medical problems and found several highly regarded doctors that said he could wrestle.

Because of what Bryan found out on his own, the WWE had their medical team take another look. Eventually, he was cleared to return and even held the WWE Championship for about five months.

When it comes to looking for work, Bryan does not have to worry. There are plenty of opportunities and he will sign whatever deal is best for his family.

Konnan Needs A Kidney

Source: MSimbiont4002 Twitter, Screenshot

One of the many people to be affected by COVID was Konnan. The former WCW and Impact Wrestling wrestler was in rough shape.

Now, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that he is feeling better and does not have cancer. But, he will need a second kidney transplant.

“Konnan, 57, is feeling better after a bad bout with COVID,” stated the report. “He had a number of health problems and tests and he did find out this past week that he didn’t have cancer or a tumor, but is in need of a second kidney transplant.”

As of now, he is on the wait list in California to get a new kidney. Although, he might try his luck in Mexico as the wait list in the United States can be many years.

From everyone at Wrestle Newz, we would like to send positive vibes to Konnan.