Terry Funk Prayers Requested

Wrestling has ups and downs, and now prayers are requested for Terry Funk. Plus, Renee Paquette speaks on taking a wrestling breather.

Terry Funk Prayers Requested

Terry Funk has survived some crazy matches, but life catches up with us all. Now, prayers are requested for Terry Funk.

prayers requested terry funk

It appears that the Hardcore Legend’s health has taken a turn for the worse.

Dustin Rhodes posted to social media, requesting prayers for Terry Funk:

The longtime wrestling star recently also announced that, due to his poor health, he would no longer be signing autographs.

Funk had been an active wrestler for many decades. He has literally wrestled around the world and held numerous championships.

During that amazing career, however, Terry Funk has absorbed a tremendous amount of punishment. All that wear and tear, plus Father Time, appear to be catching up with The Funker.

Still, in spite of his current health, fans are used to seeing Funk find a way. Perhaps he will, and that’s just another reason why Dustin Rhodes asked fans to pray for the man from the Double Cross Ranch.

Renee Paquette On Wrestling Breather

Renee Young left WWE last year, and now we get to hear from Renee Paquette on her wrestling breather.

Paquette is, of course, the real person behind Renee Young. She also happens to be Jon Moxley’s better half.

when renee young decided

Paquette has kept busy following her WWE departure. She has started her own podcast, Oral Sessions.

She also has lent her talents to other projects, with plans for quite a few others.

She’s had quite a few interesting guests already. She’s good at posing some interesting questions during the interviews.

However, one recent guest turned the tables on Paquette. That’s what happens when your guest is also a fellow podcaster.

Renee Paquette was asked to talk on her wrestling breather, and if she would ever get back to it.

I mean I wouldn’t say I’m trying to stay out of the wrestling world. I think that’s something that I’ll always be in and around which I love. I’m definitely not leaving wrestling,” stated Renee. “But I do think it’s nice for me right now kind of taking a bit of a breather and figuring out what it is that I actually want to do and where I want to go. If that means doing something in wrestling in some capacity, I’m of course open to the idea, open to opportunities.”

Of course, should the former Renee Young decide to get back to wrestling, she would have options. As we mentioned, she’s married to former AEW Champion Jon Moxley.

And, though she departed WWE, she seems to have left on good terms. She recently returned for a guest stint prior to the 2021 Royal Rumble, so that door appears to remain open too.

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