Jimmy Uso Arrested WWE
Source: Wrestling Observer, Twitter, Screenshot

Breaking news as Jimmy Uso was arrested for a DUI after RAW and WWE is pissed. What exactly happened to lead to this? 

WWE Pissed At Latest Jimmy Uso DUI Arrest

SmackDown superstar Jimmy Uso was arrested last night for driving under the influence. According to a TMZ report, police officers stopped him with a blood-alcohol level of .205.

He was first pulled over at 10:35 p.m. Monday in Pensacola, Florida. He ran a red light, speeding at 50 miles per hour in a 35-mile zone.

Apparently, the smell of booze was on the wrestler when he was pulled over. Also, he was noticeably “swaying” on the road as he was driving.

In addition, the 35-year-old admitted to having multiple beers before heading in the car. He failed more than one field sobriety test.

The cops arrested and booked him on a DUI misdemeanor charge. He was behind bars and spent the night in jail, into the morning.

Jimmy has since been released from jail. His bail was $500.

Jimmy Uso Arrested For DUI In 2019

This is not the first time Jimmy Uso has been arrested for this. In fact, he suffered the same consequence in Pensacola, circa July 2019.

It’s interesting to note, he did not get a guilty verdict in 2019. As per the Twitter handle WrestleVotes, WWE officials aren’t happy with Uso’s actions (see above tweet).

Here’s hoping this doesn’t affect his airtime on WWE TV. Jimmy Uso is in a great storyline on SmackDown right.

His program with Universal Champion Roman Reigns is getting a lot of attention. It’s similar to what Jey went through, some months back.

Over to some more sad news in the land of professional wrestling. Legend Terry Funk isn’t doing well right now, either.

Terry Funk Has Dementia

Don Muraco recently revealed on his podcast that Terry Funk currently resides in an assisted living facility. He is suffering tremendously from dementia.

Jimmy Uso Arrested DUI

Source: Eric, Twitter, Screenshot

During Don Muraco’s Magnificient Podcast he revealed that at 77 years old, Funk was left disabled due to dementia. He currently lives in a care home somewhere in Amarillo, Texas.

Muraco went on to state that Scott Casey mentioned this to him over the weekend. He also added that Terry’s wife passed away about three years ago.

Terry Funk Isn’t The Only One

Sadly, Funk isn’t the only wrestling legend currently suffering from dementia. Paul Orndorff is also dealing with the same health condition.

His son Travis recently released a video of Orndorff on YouTube. The WWE Hall of Famer did not seem like himself at all.

As per Hannibal TV, Orndorff is in the late stages of dementia. This debilitating disease affects the mind and body of patients.

The YouTube video was taken down. The good news is, Paul is out of the hospital and at Travis’s home.

On behalf of everyone at WNZ, our thoughts are with Terry Funk and Paul Orndorff. Plus their loved ones.

It’s a heartbreaking situation for anyone and their family to go through. Dementia is a terrible condition to endure.