Cody Rhodes Heel Turn
Source: Steven Butler, Twitter, Screenshot

After the past few weeks, it seems like Cody Rhodes might be open to a heel turn. Also, Austin Gunn is apologizing for old tweets where he used the n-word.

Cody Rhodes – Heel Turn

AEW has seen a pattern for a over a month now. Cody Rhodes, who is a top face, has been getting the opposite attention. 

During Dynamite’s main event, Rhodes was part of an eight person tag team match. The biggest takeaway was how the Chicago crowd treated a founder of AEW.

Rhodes took off his weight belt and tossed it into the crowd. Then, someone proceeded to throw it back.

The moment was very much like the second One Night Stand pay per view from WWE with John Cena. Each time Cena tossed his shirt into the New York City crowd, they threw it back.

That did not happen this time as Andrade got the belt. He put it under the ring until Rhodes somehow got it back.

Again, Rhodes tossed the belt into the crowd. This time, it was not thrown back and presumably someone took it home.

During all this, Rhodes did not have a smile on his face. In fact, he seemed pretty shocked and upset at what transpired.

Cody Rhodes Heel Turn Overdue

Basically, the fans started to turn on Rhodes once Malakai Black debuted. It might a thing where Black is so over that fans turned on Rhodes or they are simply tired of him.

Since day one, Rhodes has been with AEW and is regularly featured. Some compare his current situation to that of Triple H when he started dating Stephanie McMahon.

Rhodes added more fuel to heel speculation after the cameras stopped rolling. As he headed up the ramp, he paused.

It looked like Rhodes was debating to leave via the heel entrance. While that did not happen, fans apparently popped for the heel tease.

Therefore, AEW needs to listen to their fans like they have in the past. Book Rhodes as a major heel and let us see what he brings to AEW in that situation.

AEW Wrestler Sorry For Offensive Tweets

Cody Rhodes Heel Turn

Source: @pr_tras, Twitter, Screenshot

Currently, the Gunn Club is getting their biggest push to date. They have been featured on Dynamite and Rampage a few times this month compared to their usually run on Dark.

Unfortunately, Austin Gunn has found himself in a situation. Back in 2013, he sent out a bunch of tweets using the n-word.

Now, those tweets have resurfaced. Austin was quick to apologize for what he wrote.

He was 17 years old at the time in 2013, but takes full responsibility. We will have to see if Tony Khan takes action like in the past.

Meanwhile, the Gunn Club just started a feud with Darby Allin and Sting. It probably will not last long, although it is great for the young wrestlers to mingle with the veterans.