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Could Cody Rhodes Turn Heel? WWE Hires Former Spirit Squad Member

Could Cody Rhodes decide to turn heel anytime soon? WNZ has the latest on this. Meanwhile, WWE recently hired a former Spirit Squad member.

Cody Rhodes is a tad divisive on AEW. While some love him, he does get booed by some fans. He plays a babyface right now in storylines, but could that all change? More on this below.

Could Cody Rhodes Turn Heel?

Cody Rhodes is an EVP in AEW. Plus, he has his own reality TV show and dabbles in other programs.

As he plays a babyface within storylines, there is no intention of turning his character heel anytime soon. After all, who will want to tune into a reality television show if he portrays a “bad guy”, right?

Cody sat down to talk with Brian Jones of Pop Culture recently. Rhodes was crystal clear that he doesn’t have plans to turn heel.

He reveals this for several reasons. Not only because of a TV show but more.

Cody notes that he doesn’t want to turn heel because he’s the head of a community outreach group. In addition, he also happens to be a dad of a sweet little baby girl.

Will Cody Rhodes Turn Heel? Probably Not …

Cody is adamant during the chat that he doesn’t want to do heel stuff on TV anymore. However, he also notes that he won’t go back on his word to challenge for the championship.

Rhodes states “that stuff was real”. He also notes he regrets what happened.

But Cody states in the interview that it did all happen and he has to live with it. So, he’ll have to “do that dance” with Chris Jericho.

Rhodes says he will not go back on the stipulation. However, if Tony wants to change things, he could.

Cody also ends the chat by saying that you can “never say never” in wrestling. Isn’t that the truth!

Speaking of “never saying never”, WWE talents come and go. Some stay for the long haul, and some exit, only to return.

The Spirit Squad was a short, but memorable, WWE faction, circa 2006. While Dolph Ziggler was the only member who lasted in the promotion long term, a former stablemate has come back to the company.

WWE Hires Former Spirit Squad Member

A PW Insider report indicates that former Spirit Squad member Kenny Dykstra has been hired by the WWE. The wrestling veteran will be a full-time coach at the Performance Center.

Cody Rhodes Turn Heel
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Working in Orlando, he’s been working there for a few weeks already. At the age of 35 years old, Dykstra was originally trained by Killer Kowalski.

It is interesting to note that HHH was also trained by Kowalski, back in the day. Dykstra, whose real name is Ken Doane worked for the WWE from 2006-2008.

Kenny Dykstra’s History With The WWE

He was then released by the WWE. He hit the indies at that point in time.

Doane would return to the land of the WWE in 2016. He and other Spirit Squad stablemate Mikey came back.

The 2016 stint was another short one. Ken thought it would last longer so he quit his day job.

The bad news is that back then, it didn’t work out. The good news is that he now has a solid full-time permanent gig with the WWE.

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