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Olympic gold medalist and reality star icon Caitlyn Jenner is currently on the Australian show Big Brother VIP. She joined the show despite announcing a run for the governor of California. Big Brother is famous for its candid moments as housemates get comfortable but also try to stir the pot for ratings.

Jenner recently revealed some shocking details about Heisman winner and possible murderer OJ Simpson:

“Obviously he did it and he got away with it, and at one point he even told Nicole, ‘I’ll kill you and get away with it because I’m O.J. Simpson.’ Then Nicole, you know, relayed that onto Kris at one point and unfortunately she was right.”

Here’s Caitlyn discussing it on Big Brother VIP:

Jenner was formerly married to Kris Kardashian, the first wife of OJ Simpson confidante and attorney Robert Kardashian. Kris and Nicole Brown were also best friends. 

That Jenner waited all this time to reveal this information is suspect. I don’t know if she is telling the truth, but OJ was known to threaten Nicole and was accused of abusing her.

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Did OJ Simpson Do It? 

That’s one of the great mysteries of our times. There was plenty of evidence to convict OJ including blood matching his DNA being at the scene. However, the Juice’s Dream Team was able to twist a jury with smart tactics and the help of a hapless prosecutor. 

While OJ was found not guilty at the criminal trial, he was found liable for their deaths at a civil trial and ordered to pay $33 million to the families of the victims. 

While the public is divided on Simpson’s guilt, it has unfortunately become a punchline for most.

What’s OJ Simpson Doing Now? 

Simpson remained free until being charged with robbery and kidnapping in 2008. He served five  years in prison. He now lives in Las Vegas where he golfs and shares his opinions on Twitter.

It is easy to forget that before the murder trial, OJ was a successful spokesman and actor. Despite everything, his natural charisma still shines through in his Twitter videos.

A Note On Caitlyn Jenner and OJ’s Fame

Caitlyn Jenner and OJ share something in common. They’ve been famous for so long that they’re no longer famous for what originally brought them fame. 

Think about it, Caitlyn was formerly known as Bruce Jenner, the “World’s Greatest Athelete,” after winning gold in the decathlon at the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal. But you ask 10 people on the street “Who is Caitlyn Jenner?” and most will probably mention her transition to a woman or being a “Kardashian.” 

Similarly, for OJ, I don’t think anyone would bring up him running for 2000 yards in a 14-game football season or winning the Heisman. 

Fame is weird because it isn’t about what you do, but more about what people remember you doing. It is entirely dependent on society. 

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