Caitlyn Jenner Called “Transphobic” After Saying Boys Should Not Compete In Girls Sports

Caitlyn Jenner girls sports
Source: Caitlyn Jenner photo courtesy of Web Summit via Wikimedia; Sarah Silverman ; Sarah Silverman photo courtesy of Ali Shaker/VOA via Wikimedia; George Takei photo courtesy of Florida Supercon via Wikimedia

Caitlyn Jenner is being called a traitor because the California gubernatorial candidate said biological boys should not compete in girls sports.

Jenner, who as Bruce Jenner won the 1976 Olympic decathlon, understands the natural advantage male athletes have over females.

As one of the most visible transsexual females on the planet, she also understands that perspective.

“Question Of Fairness” In Girls Sports

She believes allowing biological men in women’s sports is unfair to women athletes. Something has to give and it’s not right to put these women at such a disadvantage to accommodate biological males. 

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“This is a question of fairness,” Caitlyn Jenner said in a recent interview. “That’s why I oppose biological boys who are trans competing in girls’ sports in school. It just isn’t fair. And we have to protect girls’ sports in our schools.”

Caitlyn Jenner is putting leftwing activists in a predicament.

She could be the country’s first transsexual Governor. But given her status as a Republican, these activists are conflicted because of her ideology.

They are for transsexual rights and championships but only for those who tow the liberal line.

Jenner’s campaign launch video, which can be seen below, makes it clear that she will be a political unifier for California. The ad has been widely praised and is obviously making liberals nervous. 

Star Trek actor George Takei took a swing at Jenner.

He doesn’t believe she is a friend of the LGBTQ community despite the fact that she is a transsexual. He tweeted that Caitlyn is “a menace.”

Sarah Silverman Says Caitlyn Jenner Is “Transphobic”

Comedian Sarah Silverman was much more aggressive was much more aggressive in her criticism of Jenner on her podcast.

She called the transsexual Olympic champion “transphobic” a “twat.”

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“I saw Caitlyn Jenner saying trans girls should not play girls’ sports,” Silverman said. “Caitlyn, you’re a woman, right? A trans girl is a girl; she should have the same rights as cis girls.”

“They are legislating this shit without one single example of how this plays out,” Silverman continued. “This is not worrying about girls’ sports, believe me.”

“I think there are better ways to worry about girls’ sports. This is not worrying about — this is not what that is, this is not concern for girls sports,” she continued. “It’s transphobia, full stop.”

“It’s just such a bummer when such a prominent trans woman is such a twat,” she spewed to her audience.

This author shared his reply to Silverman:

Jenner should expect these attacks to increase as her campaign continues because she threatens their hardline identity political agenda.