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Nicole Brown Simpson kept secret diaries detailing a pattern of abuse at the hands of her husband, OJ Simpson. Now, the explosive writings of the murder victim will be part of a documentary. Nicole wrote about her alleged abuse at the hands of OJ Simpson at least 60 times prior to her murder. 

The bloodied bodies of the ex-wife of the NFL Hall of Famer and her friend Ron Goldman were found in her driveway of her home. OJ was acquitted of criminal charges in the 1994 infamous double murder of Nicole and Ron Goldman but was deemed civilly liable.

Now, Nicole’s own diary entries are sure to further sully the once glowing image of the Buffalo Bills standout running back.

Secret Diary: OJ First Abused Nicole In 1978

The first instance of abuse Nicole wrote about in scratchy handwriting in a diary occurred in 1978.

She penned that OJ kicked and punched her in a hotel room. Nicole repeatedly kept trying to crawl to the door for an escape. According to her diary entry, the abuse dragged on for hours.

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Over the following 16 years, she endured repeated abuse. Nicole stated that OJ would go into fits of jealous rage, leaving her bruised. He even smashed up her car. 

Nicole Brown Simpson OJ Diaries abuse

The diaries were found in Nicole’s safety deposit box. Photos of her bruises and apology notes from OJ were found alongside them. 

You view a gallery of Nicole’s personal writings in the diaries here.

OJ Simpson’s Alleged Abuse Continued While Nicole Was Pregnant

From The Daily Mail:

Another undated entry reads: ‘Smashed my car (white Mercedes) with Baseball Bat after visiting Tommy Hughes. He greeted me at the gate. I was too afraid to get out of the car. He did it because I was late, about 7-8pm’.

Despite this Nicole married Simpson in 1985 but the abuse continued, the diaries reveal.

An entry from 1986 reads: ‘Eric & Val Von Watts. Listened to music at my place on Wilshire (Blvd in Los Angeles).

‘After we finished our drinks we left. (Simpson) beat me up so bad at home. Tore my blue sweater and blue socks completely off me. Went to hospital on Wilshire, pretended it was a bicycle accident’.

Another nasty episode happened on January 10, 1988.

At the time Nicole was two months pregnant with their son Justin and Simpson demanded she have an abortion and aimed a gun at her.

The diaries were found in Nicole’s safe deposit box along with photos of her bruised face and apology letters from Simpson (pictured together in 1984) +10
The diaries were found in Nicole’s safe deposit box along with photos of her bruised face and apology letters from Simpson (pictured together in 1984)

In her diary she wrote: ‘OJ was drunk, he never let up. Get out my f****** house you fat a** liar. I packed a few things together.

‘He locked the door again. I buzzed. Do I really have to go tonight? (Their daughter) Sydney’s sleeping, it’s late. Let me tell you how serious I am. I have a gun in my hand, get the f*** out of here’.

Nicole didn’t let on to her family that anything was wrong and it was not until she asked Simpson for a divorce that they had a clue.

Diaries Ruled Inadmissible During Criminal Trial

The diaries were ruled inadmissible in the criminal murder case against OJ Simpson as the writings were deemed “hearsay”. 

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Prior to the murders, OJ Simpson maintained a carefully clean cut image. That facade was smashed into pieces in the 1990s.

The infamous white Bronco police chase was the start of his legendary fall from grace.

While the former NFL superstar did escape prison time for the murders of Nicole and Ron, he later served nine years behind bars for robbery. 

“OJ and Nicole: An American Tragedy” will air on Investigation Discovery on October 5th, which is the 25th anniversary of OJ Simpson’s murder acquittal.