backstage morale after full gear
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Things have been going fairly well for AEW of late, so let’s discuss what the backstage morale is after Saturday’s Full Gear. And, are recent postings hinting that another Superstar might be coming out of retirement?

Backstage Morale After Full Gear

AEW has been winning all over the place lately, so what is backstage morale like after Full Gear on Saturday?

According to the Mat Men podcast, things are extremely positive.

That likely is not too surprising. 

Recent reports had indicated that the company and it’s talent were exceedingly happy with how things have gone.

And, really, why wouldn’t they be?

The mood was surely high after the arrival of CM Punk.

On top of that, AEW quickly added Bryan Danielson and Adam Cole to the mix.

And, there have been rumblings that they are, or will be, in the mix for the former Bray Wyatt.

Plus, who knows which of the latest releases could soon be All Elite.

backstage morale after full gear

source: custom, @thebookofrob twitter screenshot

Drilling even further into things, backstage morale after Full Gear should be quite good.

The company continues to do well in the ratings. AEW is generating a positive buzz among fans.

It does not hurt that we’ve seen the company do well in traditionally WWE dominated markets, either.

Both in the recent past, and in an upcoming event, AEW was beating out WWE in ticket sales.

In one instance-the upcoming show on Long Island-AEW was outselling WWE in the same arena.

So, the company keeps making the right moves and pushing the right buttons.

It’s not hard to see why morale after Full Gear is high.

Of course, relative to some recent successes, there are those who feel it could be fleeting.

WWE, for one, feels that Tony Khan  could spend himself out of business.

Others have wondered if AEW will slow down or stop adding released WWE talent soon, since their roster is getting quite full.

Meaning, they could soon have a problem like WWE-many talents, with not so many spots to keep them all happy.

For now, however, morale is high and AEW continues to grow.

Superstar Coming Out Of Retirement?

We have seen it before…could we see it again? Could another Superstar be coming out of retirement?

If some comments are to be believed, maybe.

So which Superstar could be coming out of retirement this time?

How about Pittsburgh’s own, Corey Graves.

Or, if you’d rather…former 24/7 Champion, Corey Graves.

superstar coming out of retirement

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Though, most of us truly know him as one of WWE’s announcers, primarily on RAW.

Yes, Graves once wrestled for NXT…but there are quite a few fans who have not seen those matches, or who just don’t know.

I knew, but I’ve also not seen all of them. My NXT watching picked up when Graves had already transitioned to commentary.

Now, however, the retired Superstar has been intimating a comeback could be in his future.

At least, based on his Twitter posts.

Now, there is no word on if Graves would be cleared to do so, specifically within WWE.

However, we’ve seen Daniel Bryan get things in order and return. And, while not concussion related, Edge also made a very unexpected return as well.

So, could Graves be the next Superstar coming out of retirement? Time will tell.

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