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It’s been a while since fans have seen AJ Styles on WWE RAW. What’s his status with the brand and what is really going on? WNZ has an update, down below.

AJ Styles Status With WWE RAW

Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio recently chimes in on why AJ Styles hasn’t been seen on Monday Night RAW for a while now. While he did confirm it was a medical issue, he also notes it is non-injury related.

For fans that tuned in last night, Omos appeared on the show. However, he was without his partner.

The silver lining with Omos on RAW is that creative plans are clearly still moving forward with the tag team. Sadly, there’s no definitive date around AJ’s return.

More On AJ Styles Status With WWE RAW

The last fans saw Styles, he was at WWE’s Crown Jewel event in Saudi Arabia on October 21st. Unfortunately, Omos and AJ lost their match to RK-Bro and a chance at the RAW tag titles.

Styles has been out of competition in the past due to shoulder issues. The details around his current non-injury issue are not known.

At 44 years of age, Styles has had an incredible career. He has traveled the world and is thought to be one of the greatest of all time.

Here’s hoping whatever is keeping him sidelined, he doesn’t stay there for very long. With Omos still on TV, there’s a chance fans could see Styles sooner rather than later.

Speaking of RAW, who could forget the harsh words Corey Graves had for Dana Brooke during a recent episode. The athletic blonde was facing Shayna Baszler in a match, and Graves was a little mean on commentary.

The bad news is that he said what he said. However, the good news is that he has reached out to her since, to explain.

Corey Graves Apologies To Dana Brooke

Corey Graves can be a hilarious heel RAW commentator at that announce table on Monday nights. At the same time, he can say things that hit a little too deep.


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During a recent show, while Brooke was battling Baszler, Corey noted Dana wasn’t living up to expectations. He even stated that she should “cut” her losses.

He made a reference to how many chances she should get before she finally “breaks through”. Dana seemingly responded to Graves’ commentary on her Instagram story, and the drama escalated a tad.

Corey sat down with Ryan Satin during his Out of Character podcast and explained his comments. During the interview, he notes he did send Brooke a message about what he said.

He adds that his words were nothing personal. Graves also told her he didn’t mean harm to her, or anyone really when he’s at that announce desk.

As Corey puts it, he loves being “provocative” and “walking the line”. He also states that at the same time he is cognisant of always wanting to make people and their characters “better”.

He Doesn’t Always Know “What’s Next”

During the interview, Graves makes it clear he doesn’t always know what will happen during the show. He is reacting naturally, which is his choice.

He prefers not to know what will happen, so he garners a “genuine” reaction. He does sit in production meetings, so his decision to go into the show “fresh”, is his own.

Dana Brooke is a professional, so she likely fluffed off Graves’ comments and moved on. Whatever the case, sounds like these two WWE colleagues are just fine.