what does wwe think of aew
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It’s safe to say the non-existent war is heating up-let’s see what WWE thinks of AEW now. And, Tony Khan responds to that opinion.

What WWE Thinks Of AEW

We’ve had this kicked around a bit before…but with recent successes, let’s see what WWE thinks of AEW now.

The reason for this latest ask?

Tony Khan, the billionaire driving force behind AEW, had some bold words recently. His comments were covered in the New York Post.

In case you don’t want to read that all, here’s the summary.

Friday night, WWE ran an extra long SmackDown, a special show on FS1. The channel change, of course, was due to baseball preempting them.

As part of the special “super sized” SmackDown, we already knew Brock Lesnar would be on it. And then WWE added a commercial free last half hour.

what does wwe think of aew

source: custom, wwe twitter screenshot

Tony Khan and AEW noticed.

In the Post, Khan remarked that, basically, anything WWE could do, he could do too. In his own words, he and AEW have more money than WWE.

And, as such, Khan ran his own chunk of AEW on Friday, sans commercials.

Well, per the Wrestling Observer, we have some insight into what WWE thinks of AEW now.

Of course, we all know it wasn’t too long ago that Vince McMahon said AEW was not competition.

No one believed it, especially when McMahon blew up NXT and drove a massive revamp of the show, which lost head to head with AEW.

So what is WWE thinking?

Per the Observer, there is a strong feeling that Khan will lose more money than he will make on AEW.

Many forming that viewpoint have some benefit of perspective. They’ve already been through the Monday Night Wars, after all.

Everyone remembers that WCW drubbed WWE for a good while. But, at what cost?

Ted Turner wanted to win at all costs, and wound up overpaying to have all his toys.

People within WWE feel as though Khan may be repeating those same mistakes. The belief is he has overspent to get AEW up and running, and continues to spend more than he makes.

I mean, even Tony’s dad thought AEW wasn’t a smart investment…

Time will tell if the WWE opinion is true or not.

Tony Khan Responds To Opinion

Well, after that news dropped, we saw Tony Khan respond to that interesting opinion.

Khan took to Twitter to fire back.

tony khan responds to opinion

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So, some thoughts…

On one hand, many in WWE remember the Monday Night Wars. It is easy to see parallels between Turner and Khan…at a 30,000 foot view.

However, as Khan noted, he’s a bigger wrestling fan than Turner was. I believe Turner was one too, so I have to wonder if Tony Khan isn’t being just a tad overly arrogant there.

But, it could just be extreme confidence. AEW does have an exciting roster, so it’s understandable.

However…it is also worth pointing out this: Daniel Bryan and CM Punk are basically the same age (within a couple years) as Scott Hall and Kevin Nash when they landed in WCW.

So what does it all mean? Probably not much, honestly.

If AEW gets a streaming deal, things could continue to get interesting. While Khan is terrible relative to the NFL, his wrestling acumen seems much better.

Competition is a good thing, and WWE definitely has competition now.