WWE Legend Health Emergency, Bray Wyatt Teases Future Alliance

In some unfortunate news, a WWE legend has suffered a health emergency, requiring surgery. And, while the wrestling world awaits his next move, the former Bray Wyatt teases a future alliance.

WWE Legend Health Emergency

News is not always great…and in this one, a WWE legend has experienced a health emergency.

The WWE legend? Hall of Famer “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan.

The nature of the health emergency is not known, nor does it really matter.

source: custom, Hacksaw Jim Duggan twitter screenshot

In a story picked up by Wrestling Inc, Duggan was in the hospital this morning for emergency surgery.

The news came via Jim Duggan’s wife, posting to social media.

Duggan is, of course, no stranger to health issues.

Most recently (before today’s issue), he had experience some heart ailment in the last couple years. However, in recent appearances, the WWE legend seemed to be in much better health.

He was even cracking jokes on Twitter just days before this latest emergency.

Unfortunately, something has happened, leading to the WWE legend experiencing the health emergency.

Whatever is going wrong, it required Duggan to undergo emergency surgery.

Considering his age (he is now 67) and his numerous prior health issues, there may be cause for some concern.

Hopefully, whatever has come up is able to be taken care of by way of the surgery and other care.

Bray Wyatt Teases Future Alliance

Not all news has to be a downer…as now, Bray Wyatt teases a future alliance.

Of course, that largely is depending on where the former Bray Wyatt lands.

Wyatt, now going by Windham Rotunda on Twitter (his actual name), was tagged into an online exchange recently.

A couple other wrestlers were in the discussion as well. One works with AEW, the other with Ring of Honor.

Many have long expected the former WWE Superstar to head to AEW, once he is finally free and clear of the non-compete.

That is expected to happen late next week.

So, of course, Wyatt was teasing a future alliance with the current AEW star…right?

source: custom, DanhausenAd twitter screenshot


This was the post that started things…

One vote went for AEW’s Orange Cassidy, going against ROH’s Danhausen.

Bray Wyatt was then mentioned, as someone wanted to see him also take on Danhausen.

This is where it got interesting…

So, could we see the former Bray Wyatt team up with someone new and dark?

Wyatt teases a future alliance most had not thought of…but the way things have gone, why not?

John Deegan

Introduced to professional wrestling in the 1980's thanks to Superstars and Saturday Night's Main Event, John's passion for the medium was reborn thanks to ECW in the 90's. A former in-ring "talent" with a career 0-2 record, he finds it more rewarding, and far less painful, to write about wrestling now.

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