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WWE released Bray Wyatt back in July of this year. The move was shocking, to say the least. As he is a free agent, there has been wild speculation around whether he would become All Elite. Tony Khan recently chimes in on this idea during an interview.

Tony Khan Talks AEW Interest In Bray Wyatt

Who else misses Bray Wyatt in that squared circle?

After his release, ‘We Want Wyatt’ chants hit Monday Night RAW as fans let the company know exactly how they felt about his firing.

Then months later, SummerSlam audiences made it clear that they were missing the Fiend during the Eva Marie and Alexa Bliss match.

But, could he make his way to AEWn? Tony Khan addresses this idea recently while on the Moose & Maggie Show on WFAN in New York City.

Tony Khan Talks AEW & Bray Wyatt

During the interview, Khan reveals that he hasnèt talked to Bray Wyatt as of yet. However, he also notes talks could occur in the future.

As Khan puts it, Wyatt’s a great wrestler. He reveals that he knows him in his personal life, but the two haven’t talked business.

Tony also states, “you never know.” Wyatt has also noted that fans could be seeing him very soon.

Bray Wyatt was with the WWE from 2010 to 2021. During his time, he wore many different faces for the company.

Plus, Wyatt had a unique connection to the WWE Universe and successful tenure with the company (all considering). Over his years he became Universal Champion twice, and held the WWE title, too.

He would also snag the Tag Titles in both SmackDown and RAW, at different points in his WWE career. Only time will tell if Bray Wyatt eventually becomes All Elite.

Speaking of being All Elite, Thunder Rosa is now a full-time talent with the promotion. Things seem to be going well.

However, there is buzz that she had some heat with NWA. More on this story, below.

Thunder Rosa Heat

Thunder Rosa recently had an interview with Fightful Select. According to the superstar, there was an issue with her NWA contract.

Tony Khan Bray Wyatt

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Sounds like they didn’t want her out of the deal. The good news is that Tony Khan swept in and saved the day for Rosa.

Thunder Rosa talks about her rocking situation with NWA in the interview. Khan ended up buying out her contract.

As she puts it, she was very flattered by the gesture. Apparently, there was heat between Rosa and NWA near the end.

As per Rosa, Tony went “above and beyond” to make her feel wanted in AEW. Khan has instilled a ton of confidence in her.

This is evident in her recent booking. It’s clear she’s much happier being All Elite.

Painful Until The Very End

Rosa went on to say that things were bad between her and NWA until the bitter end. She would simply go directly to Pat Kenney when it came to working.

Her official AEW debut took place in August 2020. However, it wasn’t until July 2021 where Rosa officially signed a full-time contract with the promotion.

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