Edge Taking Time Off
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Considering what Seth Rollins did to Edge, it seems like he is taking time off from WWE. Also, the reason Chavo Guerrero Jr has disappeared from AEW.

Is Edge Taking Time Off?

For Edge, the year has been full of ups and downs. He began by returning from injury and winning the Royal Rumble.

Then, he was unsuccessful in the main event of WrestleMania 37. Fast forward to SummerSlam and Edge was desperate for a win.

He was able to get the win at SummerSlam, which resulted in a rematch for SmackDown. At Madison Square Garden, the rematch saw Edge take a curb stomp and be stretchered off.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted how WWE is working an injury angle to keep Edge off TV. There is no return date, but the belief is it will take place before 2021 ends.

When he returns, the obvious direction is to conclude the angle with Rollins. Edge’s contract does not have him working many matches, so WWE needs to space them out.

So, unless something happens, look for the feud to end at a pay per view. Events from Saudi Arabia are also possible, but they have one in a month.

Therefore, it does not seem like Edge will make the long trip overseas for the controversial event. Still, WWE will be returning to the country and they might have the right number to bring Edge along.

Why Chavo Guerrero Jr Was Written Off TV

Source: WrestleZone, Twitter, Screenshot

Speaking of talent leaving TV, something similar happened in AEW. Chavo Guerrero Jr was attacked by Andrade El Idolo after Rampage.

Andrade had just defeated PAC in a grudge match. Then, he learned that Guerrero played a major role in him scoring the win.

He was not happy and beat Guerrero down to end the segment. It was a short paring between Guerrero and Andrade.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter mentioned how Guerrero is headed back for season two of “Young Rock.” On the show, he works as a pro wrestling stunt coordinator.

So far, the show has been met with a positive response from fans. We will have to see how season two, which tapes now, goes.

And, this is not Guerrero’s first time around a TV show. He also helped with the Netflix show, GLOW.

As for Andrade, there has been talk that Ric Flair might join AEW to manage him. The two will be related soon as Andrade is engaged to Charlotte Flair.

For now, fans will wait and see if Flair joins Andrade in AEW.

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