WWE Reject All-Female Brand
Source: Planeta Wrestling, Twitter, Screenshot

When presented with the idea of an all-female brand, WWE decided to reject the pitch. Also, Austin Theory has people thinking he is main roster bound.

WWE Reject All-Female Brand

WWE has plenty of bands with NXT, NXT UK, 205 Live, RAW and SmackDown. Some, would even say they have too many.

No matter the number of brands, talent will always be misused. Either they are improperly booked or not used at all.

At one point, while still employed by WWE, Mickie James had an idea. She wanted a separate brand that would only feature the female talent.

“I had very important conversations with very important people,” said James to Sports Line. “I said, ‘Hey, let’s do an all-women’s brand.” 

“We do 205 Live and all these other things. We need content for The Network and We have an immense amount of talent.”

“Talent that isn’t necessarily getting used on television right now. This could be a wonderful place for them to grow and find their voice and find their way to become stars in this pocket until they are ready to come to television.” 

“We could pull from here for the female talent. It was met with a lot of resistance and maybe not understanding of why I was fighting so hard.” 

“I wasn’t just fighting for me and I wasn’t the only one who posed this question or went to the well. When I realized that this was the fight that I was hanging my hat on, it was unfortunate that it didn’t happen the way I wanted to in that moment.”

Mickie James’ Life After WWE

James’ idea never became reality. The women had their Evolution pay per view, which fans liked but there was no repeat.

As for James, she was let go shortly after WrestleMania 37. Although, her release made headlines.

She tweeted a picture sent to her from WWE, with her belongs literally in a black garbage bag. It resulted in WWE issuing an apology and firing those involved.

Now, James can be spotted on NWA. Maybe, she will have better luck convincing Billy Corgan that women deserve more of an opportunity on TV.

Austin Theory – Main Roster Status

Source: Squared Circle Reports, Twitter, Screenshot

This week, WWE introduced fans to a new version of NXT. The first episode of the relaunch featured the Indi Hartwell and Dexter Lumis’ wedding.

There were a few issues, but eventually the pair traded vows. It was one of those rare WWE weddings that worked.

Present, was Austin Theory, who has been a member of The Way. Other members include Johnny Gargano, Candice LeRae and Hartwell.

It seems the stable might be done. LeRae is pregnant, Hartwell is in a storyline marriage and Theory sent an interesting tweet.

Basically, Theory is hinting that he is headed to the main roster. Perhaps, WWE waits until the draft next month to send him to RAW or SmackDown.