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Lance Archer News After Scary Bump, Jim Ross: WWE Booking Is Stale

Lance Archer took a scary bump on AEW Dynamite and here is the latest update on his health. And, Jim Ross says WWE has become stale.

On AEW Dynamite, Lance Archer landed right atop his head during a moonsault in a very scary bump. Also, Jim Ross thinks WWE booking has gone stale.

Lance Archer News After Scary Bump

The first round of the AEW World Title Eliminator Tournament saw a match end on the fly. The match pitted Lance Archer taking on Eddie Kingston during a special Saturday episode of AEW Dynamite.

During the match, Archer took a nasty bump during a moonsault. He did not get the full rotation and instead landed right on the top of his head.

The referee checked on Archer before he rolled to the outside. Kingston tried to grab the attention of fans while the announce team discussed went happened.

Archer was okay, just enough, to get back in the ring. Kingston quickly rolled him up for a three count.

Lance Archer Updates Fans Following Scary AEW Bump

Before the show was over, “The Murderhawk Monster” took to Twitter to update fans. He thanked AEW and noted he will be back.

During the Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer went over Archer’s backstage mood. Apparently, he was not happy because he wanted to finish the match with the original finish.

“I was told he passed all his tests backstage and he, you know, they’re pretty sure it’s not a concussion,” said Meltzer. “They checked him in the moment for a concussion or they would have stopped it completely without going to a finish.”

“He did want to keep wrestling, but Doc Samson and everybody pretty much said ‘go right to the finish.’ He was telling them he wanted to continue, so that’s probably why he was upset backstage.”

As of now, there is no word on how the match was supposed to end. Although, due to what occurred, Kingston will now battle Bryan Danielson in the second round.

Jim Ross: WWE Booking Is Stale

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Jim Ross knows the wrestling business better than most people. The current AEW announcer spent plenty of time working beside Vince McMahon, but knows WWE has a problem.

According to Ross, the product is stale on WWE’s end. And, that is what caused them to give Big E a push as WWE Champion.

“I believe WWE’s booking has just gotten a little stale,” said Ross on his Grilling JR Podcast. “They are trying desperately, as you see on NXT and so forth, in order to get younger.” 

“I also believe Big E is not a young pup, but he is a new face in that role. I think that is what they’re trying to do.” 

“But. it is like starting the race a little bit late in the game. It will take take a little while to catch up in developing young stars.”

After looking at WWE ratings lately, they are certainly struggling. Maybe, they can get back into the swing of things as WrestleMania season approaches. 

As for AEW, they have plenty of older names that are frequently featured like CM Punk and Bryan Danielson. Although they also have young talent that will some day be main event stars like MJF, Britt Baker, Jungle Boy, Sammy Guevara and Darby Allin.

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