WWE NXT Britt Baker
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Britt Baker is having a phenomenal run as AEW’s Women’s Champion. Her boyfriend Adam Cole recently reveals that at one point in time, WWE NXT was interested in signing his girlfriend.

WWE NXT Interested In Britt Baker

Adam Cole sat down for a chat with Renee Paquette on Oral Sessions. During the interview, he states that WWE NXT was looking at signing Britt Baker, at one point in time.

As Cole notes, Britt was in a great spot. She “blew up” overnight in AEW.

Adam was also quick to talk about his girlfriend’s in-ring talents. Plus, he highlighted her gift of forming solid relationships with the other AEW superstars and promoters.

He adds during the interview that he “knew” NXT was interested in her. He also “knew”  that AEW was interested in him.

More On WWE NXT Being Interested In Britt Baker

The wrestling power couple went back and forth on the coolness factor of working for the same company. However, at that point in time, they were both under contract.

He was with WWE NXT. While she was with AEW.

Adam Cole was a main player at NXT. After his 2017 debut, his contributions to the brand were incredible.

He did it all on at NXT. He was NXT Champion, North American Champion, and one-half of the tag champs at one point.

Alas, his contract expired after TakeOver 36. His recent decision to become All Elite means the couple can work together and spend more time with each other.

His recent AEW debut was a welcome surprise to many fans. It might also be a dream come true for Britt Baker.

Speaking of AEW signings, there’s has been a slew of them recently. One person who didnèt make the cut was Buddy Murphy.

AEW Passes On Buddy Murphy

Buddy Murphy is an incredible in-ring talent. Sadly, he was released from the WWE earlier this year.

WWE NXT Britt Baker

Source: NoDQ.com, Twitter, Screenshot

He wasn’t the only one. However, it seems like he’s looking forward to a new chapter in his wrestling career.

There is buzz he might be joining Impact Wrestling. Unfortunately, AEW did pass on signing the superstar.

More On Buddy Murphy & AEW

Dave Meltzer talks about Murphy during his recent Wrestling Observer Radio. While AEW is signing many ex-WWE talents, they decided against Buddy.

In fact, Meltzer notes they passed on many people. While Murphy is a great talent, not everyone can be signed at this point.

CM Punk, Brian Danielson, Ruby Soho, and Adam Cole just debuted. It’s impossible to bring everyone in.

Plus, the contracts for Punk and Danielson probably didn’t come cheap. At some point, AEW has to draw the line.

Murphy’s is a great wrestler. He’s certainly got a bright future ahead.

Perhaps this wasn’t his time for AEW. Even if he ends up at Impact Wrestling, he could jump ship at some point in the future.

Buddy Murphy had quite the run with WWE. He was Cruiserweight champion, an NXT tag champion, plus held the RAW tag titles too.