Renee Paquette Joining AEW
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Renee Paquette likes what AEW is producing, but have the two sides spoken about her joining? Also, information on the contract Andrade El Idolo signed.

Renee Paquette On Joining AEW

Renee Paquette spent eights with WWE before leaving last year. Currently, she is busy being a first-time mom and has other projects as well.

Ever since she left WWE, there has been a major question about her future. In particular, fans are curious if she will join AEW.

Paquette spoke to Ariel Helwani, who brought up AEW. She was clear in her answer that she has not spoken to AEW’s Tony Khan about joining.

“No, I’ve never talked to Tony Khan about it, ever,” said Paquette. “It’s never come up.” 

“I’m sure there could be a million different things that I could do there. I’m certainly open to the opportunity, I love everything they’re doing over there and obviously have lots of friends and family that happen to be working there.” 

“A lot of signs point in that direction and a lot of people are waiting for that other shoe to drop for me to show up there and do something. Maybe, one day, I will, but right now, I’m not.” 

“I don’t know when that will happen. Hopefully, at some point, I think it would be really fun to experience things in another light and to work for another wrestling company.” 

“I’ve only ever worked for WWE, so it would be cool to see how things really work over there. And, I’ve been to shows and whatnot, but not that often.” 

“I’ve been pregnant. Maybe at some point you’ll see it, but right now it’s not on my calendar.”

She does have friends and family, including her husband, Jon Moxley in AEW. There are plenty of people pulling for Paquette and it might only be a matter of time.

Details On Andrade El Idolo Contract

Renee Paquette Joining AEW

Source: WrestlePurists, Twitter, Screenshot

Andrade El Idolo did not enjoy his time on the main roster for WWE. Unlike in NXT, he never got the right booking and he requested a release.

Eventually, WWE granted the request. Then, he was able to sign with AEW.

While speaking to Milenio, Andrade noted his contract with AEW is for three year. 

“I’ve only been with them for half a year,” said Andrade. “I’m looking for the most important championships with them.”

“Because I didn’t get that opportunity in WWE. And, in this new company, I want those opportunities.”

The three year deals matches what Khan usually offers his wrestlers. In the past, he tries to sign someone for either three or five years.

So far, his run with AEW has not created too many memorable moments. His first match with PAC was great and hopefully he can build off that momentum.

The two will meet again tonight on AEW Dynamite. Andrade won the first meeting when Chavo Guerrero got involved.

There was speculation Ric Flair might be paired with Andrade. Although, that now seems off after Flair was portrayed in a negative light on Dark Side of the Ring.

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