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Jim Ross Rumored To Leave Announce Table, Ruby Riott’s AEW Debut

There seems to be a strong chance Jim Ross will leave the AEW announce table when his contract is up. And, more on Ruby Riott's future.

When the AEW contract of Jim Ross expires next year, he is expected to leave the announce table. Also, Ruby Riott should be appearing at next week’s All Out.

Jim Ross Rumored To Leave Announce Table

When AEW was forming, there were several names part of the early stages. Even before the first show, Cody Rhodes, PAC, The Young Bucks, Adam Page and a few more already signed.

Outside of wrestlers, Jim Ross was one of the first to sign with AEW. When asked why Ross joined, the executives at AEW simply said look his decades in pro wrestling.

Since joining AEW, Ross has worked exclusively at the announce table. He has taken part in a few taped segments, but mostly remains at the desk. 

Like most in AEW, Ross signed a three year deal. There have been rumors that Ross will leave the announce table when his contract is up in April 2022.

The idea is Ross will still remain in AEW. He would work more backstage and still do taped interviews.

While on the Wrestling Observer Radio, Tony Khan went into Ross’ future. 

“A lot of that is up to Jim,” said Khan. “I like having Jim here and I want him to keep doing matches and calling shows.” 

“I think he adds a lot of value and he’s the most recognizable wrestling voice of all time, I think in terms of his penetration worldwide, and so he’s a great ambassador for us in many way. I’m really happy about what he’s brought to the company.” 

“I’ll have to sit down and talk with Jim. But. I know right now he’s happy calling matches and going forward it seems like that’s the plan.”

AEW has lots of names that work at the announce table. If Ross does leave that spot, there are plenty of options for a replacement.

Ruby Riott’s AEW Debut

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Ruby Riott was unfortunately one of the many superstars let go over the past 18 months. Several female superstars from all three brands were released, including Riott (who now goes by Ruby Soho).

Currently, she is unable to sign anywhere else because of the 90 day non-compete clause. But, that will expire in a matter of days.

The current idea is for her to debut at All Out. She is slated for the Casino Battle Royale Match as a surprise entrant.

In WWE, Ruby did her best work as part of a stable with Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan. She could have been a title contender, but was never given the push.

Hopefully, AEW can find how to properly use Ruby. They have worked hard to improve the women’s division over the past year and it has shown.

All Out is September 5 and comes from Now Arena in Illinois. Two big moments will see CM Punk return to action against Darby Allin and Daniel Bryan is strongly rumored to debut.

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