Fans AEW Rampage Early

Reports are circulating that AEW fans left early during a recent AEW Rampage taping. Is the promotion losing its flare to keep audiences tuned in? WNZ has more on this, below.

Fans Leave AEW Rampage Early

Tony Khan has stated he’s quite happy that AEW Rampage has recently beat Friday Night SmackDown in the rating’s department. With that said, Rampage has declined in the ratings over the past few weeks.

Dave Meltzer chimes in on this during his latest edition of Wrestling Observer Radio. Apparently, many fans left early during the recent AEW tapings that took place in Boston, Massachusetts.

According to the report, fans simply left the arena after the Eddie Kingston versus Bryan Danielson match. The next bout was Matt Sydal facing Dante Martin.

While the Martin versus Sydal match was “good”, the crowd began a chant. They were yelling, “we want flips”.

Why Did Fans Leave AEW Rampage Early?

It seems that the talent wasn’t doing as many acrobatics as in the previous matches. The live audience let Sydal and Martin know this, loud and clear.

As Meltzer puts it, “many, many, many” people left after the Kingston versus Danielson bout. In addition, he notes that he might get hate mail about what he’s saying, but it DID happen.

According to Tony Khan, everything is “under control” when it comes to Rampage. However, there’s no denying that the show’s ratings are dropping, weekly.

Is there anything he can do to resolve this issue? Maybe advising wrestlers to engage in more high-flying moves?

Over to Ring of Honor (ROH), the promotion has decided to take a hiatus in the first quarter of 2022. Will the Briscoe Brothers find another place to call home, in the meantime?

The Briscoes – Homophobic Post

Mark and Jay Briscoe have been spending a ton of time in Game Changer Wrestling, lately. Now that ROH is taking a break and has released most of its roster, they may be out of a “main” promotion.

Fans AEW Rampage Early

Source: PICKETT PRIDE, Twitter, Screenshot

Will another company scoop them up? They’ve got a ton of talent.

However, a 2013 social media post could continue to haunt any possible options. Dave Meltzer commented on this during his latest Wrestling Observer Radio.

As he notes, the WWE didn’t pick up the tag team years ago because of Jay Briscoe’s homophobic tweet. Dave does say it happened long ago, so perhaps at this point the Briscoes and WWE could move forward from it all?

Fans AEW Rampage Early

Dave is talking about a homophobic tweet by Jay Briscoe posted about 8 years ago. It’s since been deleted, see above. 

What Comes Next For The Briscoes?

When AEW first started, there was a slew of rumors about them showing up on the roster. They were never offered a deal.

The duo stuck with ROH. However, no major contract has surfaced for the brothers from another promotion.

The Brisco Brothers have had a successful run in ROH. Together, they’ve won the tag team championship in the company, 11 times.

Jay’s also a 2-time ROH World Titleholder. It’s hard to say “what’s next” for this tag team, considering the uncertainty with ROH.