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WWE recently revealed their 2022 schedule of pay-per-views (PPVs). It’s been getting a tremendous amount of attention for many reasons. One has to do with WrestleMania 38. The other is a “scheduled” event for September, in and around AEW’s All Out event.

WWE PPV Going Against AEW All Out

For those of you who love two-day WrestleManias, then there’s good news for next year. WM 38 is getting an extra day, slated as a two-night event like the past to ‘Manias have been.

However, fans are taking a closer look at WWE’s 2022 PPV events schedule for another reason. One that Bryan Alvarez of Wrestling Observer Live recently notes.

He reviews WWE’s 2022 schedule during a recent show. Alvarez states that the WWE is planning to counterprogram AEW’s All Out.

2022 WWE PPV In September To Counterprogram All Out

The company has carved Saturday, September 3rd in their calendar. The PPV is not named and the location is TBD.

According to Bryan, “they” (WWE) are likely going to “figure out where and when” All Out is. Keeping a PPV open for that weekend to counterprogram AEW’s big event.

Other notable things from the schedule to consider. First off, looks like the WWE is planning a PPV for January 1st, called Day 1, taking place at Atlanta’s State Farm Arena.

In addition, the 2022 SummerSlam event is taking place in July. The first time this PPV hasn’t been in August.

Lastly, most of the WWE’s PPVs for 2022 are taking place on a Saturday. The two exceptions are WrestleMania 38’s night two, and a June PPV taking place at Chicago’s Allstate Arena.

Looks like the heat is on for these two wrestling promotions. The WWE likes to believe that they don’t have any competition.

However, by booking a 2022 PPV to conflict with All Out, it looks like they are acting like they have competition. Speaking of two companies, a former WWE star recently made his in-ring debut for AEW.

Tony Nese’s In-Ring Return Set

Looks like ex-WWE talent Tony Nese could be All Elite soon. He made his AEW in-ring debut during recent tapings for the promotion’s show, Dark, a YouTube-exclusive.


Source: Tiger Driver, Twitter, Screenshot

Nese faced Fuego Del Sol on October 24th at Orlando, Florida’s Universal Studios. He was spotted in the crowd the Saturday night before, on AEW’s Dynamite.

The announce team even referred to him as one of the “hottest free agents” in wrestling when the camera panned to him.

AEW Hasn’t Confirmed Anything

It’s interesting to note, All Elite hasn’t confirmed Tony Nese’s signing yet. There’s no indication around a deal between him and Tony Khan.

As such, these appearances could be one-offs. They also could mean that he’s slowly being introduced to AEW audiences.

WWE released Tony back in June 2021 because of budget cuts. He was one of a slew of talent that was cut.

Nese’s non-compete clause expired in September. Tony has wrestled some matches on the indies scene since.

Will he officially become All Elite, soon? With everything that’s happened lately, there’s a good chance he will.

Any promotion would be lucky to have Nese on their roster. Only time will tell.