Flair Becky Lynch Heat
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After everything that happened before and after SmackDown’s conclusion, do Charlotte Flair or Becky Lynch have heat? Also, the current mindset with post Draft plans.

Post WWE Draft Plans

With the WWE Draft over, SmackDown’s roster will undergo some changes. 

Hit Row are set to receive a push after squashing two jobbers on Friday. “Top Dolla” AJ Francis will be a singles star, while “B-Fab” Briana Brandy works the women’s division.

Ashante “Thee” Adonis and Isaiah “Swerve” Scott will be used as a tag team.

With Tegan Nox going to RAW, she will remain a face. That ends her tag team with Shotzi Blackheart, who is now set for a heel run.

Xia Li is set to be a face on SmackDown and Mia Yim will do the same on RAW.

On RAW, Apollo Crews and Commander Azeez are being discussed for a tag team role.

Do Charlotte Flair Or Becky Lynch Have Heat?

Flair Becky Lynch Heat

Source: @FightSteenKO, Twitter, Screenshot

Plenty happened on SmackDown, but the final segment is what still has fans talking. Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch were supposed to swap titles because of the WWE Draft.

Unfortunately, the segment did not go as planned. Charlotte tossed the title away from Becky, which resulted in Becky throwing her belt.

If the tension felt real, that is because it was legit. The two exchanged words in the back and the heat was carried into the ring.

Things eventually settled once Sasha Banks arrived. By then, Becky was exiting as Charlotte started a new a program.

“There is heat on Flair in certain circles for disrespecting Lynch and some who felt Flair took a segment that was supposed to build herself vs Sasha Banks and instead put all the attention back on herself and Lynch when Banks was being placed in a position to be the top babyface for the Smackdown brand,” according to PWInsider. “There are some who felt this undermined Banks, whether that was a planned strategy or not.”

On the flip side, there is no heat on Becky. PWInsider noted the following.

“There is no heat on Lynch as it was seen as she was pushed to a boiling point, leading to her confronting Flair. Had it gotten physical, it may have been seen different but after, it was seen within the locker room as Lynch standing her ground and protecting herself after being pushed too far.”

Backstory On Charlotte Flair Becky Lynch Tension

The two exchanged words in a shouting match backstage. Basically, Charlotte did not like how the segment would make her look.

Also, there are reports the two had tension for years. In stems from an old comment Becky made where she reference Charlotte as ‘plastic.’

After the segment, Charlotte left without speaking to Vince McMahon. She was headed to see Andrade at AEW and walking by the WWE boss with no explanation angered him.

At some point, WWE had Charlotte leave the arena before Becky’s dark match. This was done to prevent any further issues.

Plus, Charlotte apparently pitched the idea of dropping her title to Bianca Belair on last week’s RAW. Ultimately, the idea was passed.

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