braun strowman interest increasing
source: custom, Adam Scherr twitter screenshot

After being a free agent for the last several months, Braun Strowman sees interest increasing in his services. Plus, the October 18th RAW ratings set a record.

Braun Strowman Interest Increasing

After months with no movement, Braun Strowman is having interest in his services increasing.

Now, the former WWE Superstar has confirmed his recent talks with AEW.

That news comes on the heels of a reported meeting with Impact executive Scott D’Amore over the weekend.

braun strowman interest increasing

source: custom, Adam Scherr twitter screenshot

Now, Strowman himself-real name Adam Scherr-confirmed the long rumored talks between he and AEW.

He did so on a Sports Illustrated podcast.

That there has not been a signing by Strowman thus far doesn’t necessarily tell us too much.

On one hand, he may just be waiting for the right deal or terms. It’s entirely possible he just has not gotten one yet.

Or, there is a chance the interest is not where he wants it to be.

Scherr did meet with Impact over the weekend, and that’s long been rumored as a destination for him.

Plus, there have been rumblings that the former WWE mainstay wants to re-join RAW or SmackDown. However, to date, WWE has shown no interest in bringing Strowman back.

Per one WWE source, if WWE wanted him back, he’d be back already.

So, with a recent meeting between Strowman and Impact, and confirmed talks with him and AEW, it seems interest is increasing.

Perhaps, after a summer off as a free agent, Braun Strowman might be nearing a new home.

RAW Ratings Set Record

After the October 18th show, we’ve seen the numbers. And the RAW ratings for the week set a record.

Unfortunately for WWE, it is not a good record.

All major wrestling shows-and shows in general-keep an eye on key demographics.

raw sets ratings record

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WWE and AEW always worry about overall ratings, but key on certain groups in particular.

One group, the 18-49 demographic, is seen as the key of all demographics.

It is one area (among several) where AEW has either been gaining ground on, or beating, WWE in.

For the most recent RAW, the ratings set a record. The show drew the lowest audience ever for that group in the history of RAW.

Considering how long the show has been running…and that many episodes used to be pre-recorded…that is telling.

Now, per Wrestlenomics, it isn’t really all bad news.

Yes, the ratings set a bad record.

However, the overall rating was up close to 1% versus the week prior.

This is just the latest in generally not great ratings news for WWE television.

AEW Rampage and SmackDown went head to head for thirty minutes on Friday, the first time that has happened.

And, based on Tony Khan’s tweet, well…it worked out for AEW.

We know that Vince McMahon has now famously said that AEW is not competition.

It’s also known that some (many?) within WWE see Khan as Ted Turner 2.0, and expect him to spend himself out of business.

Thus far, however, Khan and AEW are making moves and providing WWE with competition they have not had in decades.

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