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Braun Strowman Met With Impact Executive, WWE Title Stolen

The man without a home, Braun Strowman met with an Impact executive this weekend. Plus, a WWE title has been stolen.

He’s been free to sign anywhere for a while, and now Braun Strowman met with an Impact executive. Plus, a WWE title was stolen over the weekend.

Braun Strowman Meets With Impact Executive

Things have been quiet since he was released, but we’ve learned that Braun Strowman met with an Impact executive recently.

According to a report from PWInsider, the former Braun Strowman-real name Adam Scherr-met with a top Impact executive this weekend.

Specifically, Scherr met with Impact executive Scott D’Amore. The two met in Detroit, at a hotel bar near the Motor City Comic Con which was held this weekend.

braun strowman met with impact executive
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The former Braun Strowman has spent much of 2021 looking for a new home. He was one of several surprising releases from WWE.

There have been reports that Strowman has been trying to return to WWE, but it seems his former home has little to no interest.

For that matter, the fact that he hasn’t shown up on television makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

Of course, Adam Scherr could simply be enjoying some downtime, waiting for the right time to return to the ring.

Now, thanks to meeting with the Impact executive in Detroit, we might see things heating up.

Of course, it could just be D’Amore doing some legwork, seeing if what Impact can offer is what Scherr would be interested in.

Just because a company executive and a free agent wrestler talk, does not mean a deal will be happening, right?

Of course not. But considering it seems AEW has no interest, and WWE does not want him back…it may be Impact or nothing for the former Strowman.

It will be interesting to see if we learn of a contract agreement soon or not.

WWE Title Stolen

Over the years, we’ve seen things go missing a time or two…and now a WWE title can join the list.

Specifically, one of the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship belts has been stolen.

Who’s belt is missing? That would be the WWE title belt belonging to Rhea Ripley.

wwe title stolen
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Ripley posted about her missing title via Twitter.

As we said, Ripley’s missing belt is not the first belt, WWE title or otherwise, to grow legs.

In fairness, Ripley’s gear bag was what got stolen. Her title just happened to be in the bag.

Other times a belt went missing, it may have been a bit more obvious. In this case, the thief may have just targeted the luggage and not realized just what they snagged.

Some other notable title belt thefts? Former NXT UK Champion WALTER had his belt stolen, and actually got lucky with someone coming across it and returning it to him.

Also, the first-ever AEW Champion, Chris Jericho had the AEW title swiped from the limo he had been riding in.

So, while you’d think it would be hard to lose a title, or have one stolen…it’s happened a number of times.

Here’s hoping Rhea gets the WWE title back…along with the rest of her gear too.

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