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WWE Stops Pushing Jeff Hardy, Cody Rhodes – AEW Return Date

Has the WWE given up on a Jeff Hardy push? His role on Monday Night RAW seems to reveal this. Plus, Cody Rhodes' expected AEW return date.

Sadly, Jeff Hardy has been on a losing streak recently. Plus, it wasn’t overly welcomed by fans that he was part of the 24/7 Championship segment on this week’s RAW. This has many wondering if WWE is giving up on his push.

WWE Stops Pushing Jeff Hardy,

Jeff Hardy’s role on Monday Night RAW seems to be plummeting. He’s lost to Karrion Kross several times.

Plus, during a segment on this week’s RAW, he was chasing for the WWE 24/7 Championship. Most fans understand that the wrestlers that “run” in these segments tend to be lower-card talent.

Therefore, it was surprising that a former WWE Champion would be placed in this group. Drake Maverick returned to the Red brand, which brought on the big 24/7 title chase.

Included in the group of superstars running after the champion was Jaxon Ryker. This also confused some fans.

Has The WWE Given Up On Jeff Hardy (And Jaxon Ryker’s) Push?

It’s hard not to speculate on this. After all, while the 24/7 Championship segments on RAW are entertaining, the superstars running in a group tend to have no storyline.

As a result of Hardy being in this group during last night’s RAW, his name was trending on Twitter. It’s also important to note that Jeff hasn’t had an established angle in a while.

Meanwhile, Ryker seemed to be set up for a push some weeks ago. This was after he finished his program with Elias.

What will happen to these two? It’s hard to tell at this point.

Some good news over at AEW. Sounds like Cody Rhodes is on the cusp of a return.

Cody Rhodes – AEW Return Date

Last fans saw Cody, he lost to Malakai Black at AEW’s Homecoming. Rhodes lost the match and took off.

Jeff Hardy WWE Push
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In reality, Cody Rhodes was on hiatus. He was filming the Go Big Show.

The Go Big Show is a variety game show on TBS. Rhodes is a judge on the series.

He seems to enjoy this new gig. However, when he films that means he’s gone from AEW action.

As this was the second season, he needed to leave the ring for a little bit. But sounds like fans should gear up for a comeback.

When Is Cody Rhode’s Expected AEW Return?

As per, fans should expect Cody Rhodes to return to AEW sometime this month. It also sounds like there are some major plans for him.

According to the report, sources reveal that Rhodes’ return will take place on TV, sometime in September. Plus, something big is on the horizon for him when he returns.

Sounds cryptic, but very cool. There’s a good chance Cody Rhodes may decide on a little revenge upon coming back.

Should Malakai Black and the Nightmare Family be worried? There’s a good chance that they all become targets once Rhodes hits the ring.

Cody hasn’t been seen on AEW since early August. There was also a question if Black had retired Rhodes.

The good news is that he probably hasn’t. The even better news is that this feud might continue well into the fall. 

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