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Might Cody Rhodes Have Major Heat, SummerSlam Earlier This Year

Cody Rhodes may have major heat with some AEW executives, plus could SummerSlam happen earlier this year and for a good reason?

In a surprising rumor out of AEW, might Cody Rhodes have major heat with the wrong people? And, could SummerSlam happen earlier this year?

Might Cody Rhodes Have Major Heat

If you are a heel, you want heat…but maybe not if you are an executive. So…might Cody Rhodes have major heat with some of his fellow executives?

That is one rumor making rounds this weekend.

Specifically, that Cody Rhodes-a key executive in AEW-may have major heat with fellow executives.

While no one is going on record confirming that…they may not need to.

At least two distinctly different sources have reported on the alleged backstage heat.

According to a discussion on Jim Cornette’s podcast, there have been angry messages exchanged between Rhodes and fellow AEW executives-namely, Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks.

Fightful takes it a bit further. They confirm reports of the potential for Rhodes having major heat, but point something else out.

Specifically, if you catch Being The Elite…Cody Rhodes has not been on it much lately.

Could that be a coincidence? Perhaps.

Or, it could be proving that Cody Rhodes might have major heat with his fellow executives.

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If in fact Rhodes does have major heat, it will be interesting to dig more into it. If wrestling history shows us nothing else, it does tell us that wrestlers have had heat with each other for some incredibly odd reasons.

Like, crazy grudges and legit heat for the most bizarre reasons.

In any case, considering Cody Rhodes is one of the company’s big executives, surely they hope whatever heat there might be does not linger.

The fact that no one seems to be talking about it might actually be a positive sign. As in, whatever beef there might be, all involved parties may be doing their best to keep it in house.

SummerSlam Earlier This Year

SummerSlam is one of WWE’s “Big Four” shows, and it’s an annual August event. Could SummerSlam be earlier this year?

If so…why?

I almost called it the end of Summer event, but the date does not always hit at the end of August.

WWE does bill SummerSlam as the biggest party of the Summer. This year, that may take on new meaning.

According to WrestleVotes, SummerSlam may be happening closer to early August.

Thus far, a location has not been announced. It has been expected that SummerSlam will be the next major WWE event to have live fans, following April’s WrestleMania.

In terms of where, reports indicate there is a short list of potential host sites. Arizona and Texas are on the list, and it would be a slight shock if Florida was not…though WWE should be eager to get on the road.

And could you imagine these two in a main event match for SummerSlam? We know this didn’t happen for no reason…

summerslam earlier this year
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And speaking of getting on the road…

That may be the reason why WWE wants to have SummerSlam earlier in August.

According to WrestleVotes, WWE may use SummerSlam as it’s official re-launch for live shows and touring.

Could you imagine if, following SummerSlam, WWE got back to regular shows in front of live crowds?

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