keith lee making a change
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It’s been a while since we’ve him on TV…so is Keith Lee making a change? Plus, will there be no more yes chants in AEW for Bryan Danielson?

Keith Lee Making A Change

The Superstar has had an interesting 2021 so far…but is Keith Lee making a change?

We already know that WWE had wanted to give him a most unlikely manager. That ship sailed, with Adam Cole now in AEW.

Prior to that, things were even less clear for the former NXT Champion.

Keith Lee, along with fiancee Mia Yim, contracted COVID earlier in 2021.

As part of the process for Lee to return to the ring, a health issue was discovered that meant Keith Lee was off television for an extensive time.

Before he was able to clear the air, fans were apoplectic about Keith Lee’s absence. While many were fearing that WWE was squandering him (and they could still be), their worst fears were not yet realized.

Lee has returned, but over recent weeks he’s been limited to dark matches. Part of this is to ease him back into the ring.

However, some of this is because…surprise…WWE may not know what to do with him next.

So is Keith Lee making a change?

keith lee making a change

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Well, based on what fans saw before this week’s episode of RAW…Keith Lee might indeed be making a change.

Check this clip out:

The big Superstar has a new nickname-Bearcat-and is seemingly growing out the beard.

There is also this backstory for the nickname, so it could end up being pretty cool… noted this as well, and wonders if this is not foreshadowing a Keith Lee heel turn.

So, for now, we don’t know. The Superstar is still off of television.

However, Keith Lee could indeed soon be making a change.

No More Yes Chants In AEW?

Fans have enjoyed seeing Bryan Danielson having fun…but will there be no more yes chants in AEW?

While the man formerly known as Daniel Bryan has been busy since he arrived…he’s been doing his best to avoid something.

Notice how you have not seen him skipping down the entrance ramp, thrusting his fingers in the air, while fans chant “yes!”?

There is a reason for that.

Bryan Danielson recently discussed this in an interview on the “Rasslin’ with Brandon F. Walker” show.

Danielson was asked…why has he done no more yes chants in AEW?

And the former WWE Superstar had the answer.

no more yes chants aew

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Specifically, Bryan spoke with Kevin Dunn prior to his AEW debut. During a conversation, Dunn asked Bryan to be respectful of the WWE intellectual property…specifically, the yes chants.

And Bryan Danielson has done exactly that.

Danielson has said, on more than one occasion, that he has a great deal of respect for WWE, Vince McMahon and many others.

With that in mind, he is trying to respect the request from WWE, relative to the intellectual property that he and WWE created while he called the company home.

Some things they’ve asked him to leave in WWE are more enforceable than others. However, Bryan Danielson is doing what he can to respect the request from Kevin Dunn.

My takeaway from this? Both Danielson and Adam Cole seem to have left on good terms, or at least have not burned bridges.

Meaning, who knows what will happen when contracts expire…but if he never planned on returning to WWE, it would seem likely we’d see Bryan leading those yes chants.

So, while fans will do their yes chants, it seems likely that there will be no more yes chants in AEW, at least none lead by Bryan Danielson.