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WWE Wanted Adam Cole To Manage Keith Lee, HOFer To Debut In AEW?

A report reveals that before he left, WWE pitched an idea for Adam Cole to manage Keith Lee. Plus, will a Hall of Famer debut in AEW soon?

Adam Cole caught fans off guard with his recent AEW debut. He seems right at home with the new promotion. However, a report indicates that apparently, the WWE had pitched an idea where he would manage Keith Lee.

WWE Wanted Adam Cole To Manage Keith Lee

Dave Meltzer reveals on a recent Wrestling Observer Radio that the WWE pitched a creative idea to Adam Cole. That is before he left the company.

According to the report, the idea was to align him with Keith Lee. Keith was to turn heel, and Adam was going to be his manager.

More On WWE’s Plans With Adam Cole And Keith Lee

Meltzer also notes that the WWE likely would’ve changed Adam Cole’s name. This was to prevent any confusion between him and RAW announcer, Michael Cole.

The goal was to have a “Lio Rush and Bobby Lashley” feel for Cole and Lee. With the concept of having a smaller guy who could be the voice to a massive “client”.

As Cole is All Elite now, he clearly wasn’t too thrilled with the pitch. Sounds like he passed on the idea, and jumped over to AEW.

It would’ve been interesting to see Lee and Cole together. However, managing someone might not have been what Adam was interested in.

He’s amazing on the mic. Still, he’s incredible in that squared circle.

Speaking of AEW sounds like they are gearing up for another massive debut. This time, it involves a two-time WWE Hall of Famer.

AEW Gearing Up For HOFer Debut

Ric Flair asked for his release recently. The WWE obliged.

However, with that comes a 90-non-compete clause. While Naitch has already been to TripleMania, he hasn’t shown up to AEW just yet.

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On Rampage, Andrade scored a win over Pac. He also turned on friend Chavo Guerrero Jr.

Was this plot twist an attempt to bring Ric Flair in? Dave Meltzer talks about this during his latest Wrestling Observer Radio.

As per Meltzer, getting rid of Chavo opens a door for Flair’s arrival. After all, Chavo was only there for a couple of weeks.

Dave has a feeling that Chavo will be replaced. If this is the case, The Nature Boy seems like a good fit.

Meltzer also states that “he’s sure” if Ric is in Andrade’s corner, he’s being set up to be a big star. They’d make quite the team!

All In The Family!

It’s interesting to note that Andrade is still with Ric’s daughter, Charlotte Flair. Naitch also adores him on a personal level.

Reports state that Ric went to TripleMania, paying for his expenses. He went to accompany Andrade.

It’s a great time to be an AEW fan right now. Big names like Bryan Danielson, CM Punk, and Adam Cole have all had debuts recently.

Despite Ric Flair’s age, he’s still a marquee name in this business. While he might be too old to wrestle, his promos are still stellar.

He also excites fans every time his music hits. It’ll be interesting to see when, where, and how The Nature Boy becomes All Elite.

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