Bryan Danielson Jon Moxley
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There are many matches to make in AEW and one of those is Bryan Danielson vs Jon Moxley. Also, Matt Cardona has retired from the Deathmatch world.

Push For Bryan Danielson Vs. Jon Moxley

Within two years, AEW has made major strides. They went from a new company to really being right there with WWE.

Several big moments have taken place with debuts at the Double Or Nothing pay per views. Arguably, the two biggest took place in different years.

At the first Double Or Nothing, Jon Moxley closed the show by interrupting new champion Chris Jericho and Kenny Omega. Then, last month, at the recent one, Bryan Danielson debuted at the conclusion to clear The Elite from the ring.

There are plenty of matches to make for both, but Renee Paquette has an idea. She spoke to The Wrestling Inc. Daily about her husband taking on Danielson. 

“Now that that storyline is already kind of going in that direction, I think that’s what people want to see,” said Paquette. “People have been able to see Daniel Bryan vs Dean Ambrose.” 

“We’ve never seen ‘The American Dragon’ Bryan Danielson vs Jon Moxley, at least not for a very, very long time. So that’ll be cool.”

Currently, both men do not seem to be on the others raider. Danielson has a huge non-title match with Omega on Dynamite. 

Moxley has been staying busy as he teams with Eddie Kingston and also works as a singles competitor. Lately, he has been defeating New Japan Pro Wrestling on AEW TV left and right.

If they do cross paths in AEW, it will not be the first time. They have wrestled several times against each other in WWE.

Although, back then, they had different gimmicks and had to wrestle WWE’s style. A bout in AEW would see the new and better versions meet inside the squared circle.

Matt Cardona – Deathmatch

Bryan Danielson Jon Moxley

Source: 411 Wrestling, Twitter, Screenshot

Like many wrestlers, they often find themselves on Twitter. Some use the outlet to promote something or simply to vent.

Matt Cardona is big fan of social media. Many believe that YouTube and social media platforms is what kept him from getting axed by WWE for so long.

Eventually, WWE did release Cardona. Although, he was not alone as WWE has been making major cuts all-around because of COVID.

Since being released, Cardona has worked for GCW, AEW, Impact Writing and other promotions. During a Q&A on Twitter, a fan wanted to know if he was doing any more deathmatches.

His response was short and right to the point.

For a few months, Cardona and Nick Gage were trading verbal comments. Eventually, it led to a deathmatch where Cardona won the GCW World Championship due to outside interference.

It was a memorable moment as a bloodied Cardona was jeered by fans. They even went a step further and tossed garbage at him.

He successfully defended the title twice, with the last being a quick match against Frank the Clown at GCW’s The Art of War on September 4. He dropped the title to Jon Moxley only minutes later in an unadvertised match.

 Now, Moxley and Cage will look to end their length feud. They meet October 9 from Atlantic City, New Jersey.

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