keith lee explains absence
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It has been one of the bigger mysteries for WWE, and now Keith Lee explains his absence for much of 2021. Plus, former Superstar Christy Hemme is done wrestling for good.

Keith Lee Explains His Absence

It has been one of the biggest questions of the year, and we finally have an answer. Keith Lee explains his absence for much of 2021, and the answer?

Well, it wasn’t what many suspected or speculated, that’s for sure.

Early in 2021, Keith Lee wrestled…and then disappeared.

keith lee explains absence

source: custom, Ryan Satin twitter screenshot

He had been slated for a United States Championship match, along with Riddle and then-champion Lashley.

At the last moment, and with little explanation, WWE subbed in John Morrison. From that point, we went months without Keith Lee.

Lee finally returned in July, as RAW and SmackDown returned to live shows.

The Superstar promised he would eventually explain where he had been and why…and now we know.

Earlier in the year, Keith Lee contracted COVID, along with fiancee Mia Yim. In the process of being cleared to return to the ring, his testing found another issue.

WWE doctors noticed an issue with his heart. Specifically, Keith Lee was one of the unfortunate people who suffered from inflammation of the heart.

The condition is one of the more concerning issues with those patients who have had COVID.

As Lee himself called it, for months he was fighting with death.

So, many fans suspected he was off television to get in better shape. Or, perhaps to get further work to be less sloppy in the ring.

Turns out…neither.

Even Lee himself didn’t exactly do much to dispel rumors that there was a more nefarious plot keeping him off television.

We all know that, since he came to the main roster, his music and wardrobe changed. Perhaps it was Vince McMahon pushing for more change?

But…it was not.

Yes, fans may not be thrilled that it seems Keith Lee has been held back. However, at least relative to his absence, it was purely health related.

We can all be happy that he’s recovered, and that at least in this case, it wasn’t a diabolical plot.

Christy Hemme Done Wrestling

She was successful in both WWE and IMPACT, but Christy Hemme is done wrestling.

Hemme confirmed as much during a recent virtual autograph signing. A fan asked if she was ever coming back, and she firmly said no.

All things considered, it’s not a total shock.

While she was popular for both promotions, and did good work in the ring…she has not wrestled in 5 years.

christy hemme done wrestling

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She is busy with side projects, including taking care of her children (quadruplets!).

However, Christy Hemme said she is done wrestling primarily because of one reason.

Specifically, her neck is in no shape to endure the rigors of the ring.

She is not the first, nor will she be the last, who is done in the ring due to wear and tear.

While it’s unfortunate that she won’t wrestle again, still there is a part of me that says…truly never say never.

Daniel Bryan retired due to concussions…and came back.

Edge retired-while champion-due to neck issues. He came back too.

So…there’s theoretically always a chance.

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