Adam Cole reactions to Britt Baker Tony Schiavone Hug on AEW
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The AEW storyline involving Adam Cole, Britt Baker and Tony Schiavone has picked up steam. In fact, Cole himself kept the hype alive by responding to the friendship on social media.

Adam Cole’s Problem With Britt Baker and Tony Schiavone Friendship

Adam Cole Tony Schiavone Britt Baker AEW Feud

Source: Screenshot, YouTube

Adam Cole and Britt Baker are partners in real life. Obviously, this provides the perfect opportunity for a wrestling storyline.

One of Britt Baker’s biggest supporters on the announcing desk is none other than Tony Schiavone. However, it is this supporter Adam Cole has an issue with.

Cole believes Schiavone is too close to Britt Baker. Since his arrival, he has called out the announcer several times for his relationship with Baker.

Shortly after his debut, he warned Schiavone off. 

It actually led to quite the funny conversation between Baker and Cole.

Adam Cole responded with a simple “………..”  When Britt replied, she didn’t get it, Cole posted the following hilarious reply.

Authentic storylines really work for AEW at the moment. This is certainly one of those realistic yet hilarious stories going on.

I sincerely hope AEW plans on going somewhere with this storyline. So far, I have truly enjoyed the situation between Cole and Schiavone.

Cole is certainly one of the most interesting “new” characters on the roster. Of course, they have to handle this feud carefully.

Maybe it is something that could build over the next couple of months. Then, it could play itself out once Cole is AEW established.

How The Feud Continued


Source: Screenshot, YouTube

Schiavone and Adam Cole actually worked out the details about their confrontation beforehand. In fact, Tony explained how that conversation went.

“Adam gets with me, and he says, ‘Well, we need to address this on camera,’ and I said, ‘Yeah, we do.’ We talk through what we’re going to say, and he said, ‘I’m going to call you a nerd. Fans are going to pop because they know that I am really a nerd. So I will call you a nerd.’ So he went out, and he told me to get out, but he didn’t say nerd. So I’m standing there, and he goes, ‘Get out!’ And I look at him, I go (Schiavone whispers), ‘Nerd.’ And he goes, ‘Get out nerd!’ I remind him to say nerd.”’

During the interview, Tony also talked about his relationship with Britt Baker. 

“Obviously, when Britt comes out in her interviews, she hugs me. I’ve been her interviewer. I’ve been her protector. I’ve kind of felt like dad because, in reality, I’m older than her dad. We’ve had this on-screen relationship that is genuine because I really have a lot of time for Britt like I have a lot of time for a lot of people. You are one of my favorite people. There’s no question.”

So there you have it. The perfect groundwork for some form of feud in the nearby future. 

And I have to be honest, I’m quite excited to see where this goes.