Drew McIntyre Vs. WALTER
Source: Wrestling News, Twitter, Screenshot

Could a Drew McIntyre versus WALTER be in the making? WWE often uses social media to help promote matches, now and again. A tweet from the former WWE Champion last night has some fans raising an eyebrow.

Drew McIntyre Vs. WALTER?

Former WWE Champion Drew McIntyre was live-tweeting last night during the WWE NXT 2.0 debut. While there were a few posts, one has many fans wondering if there is something more.

Drew called out The King General after Imperium’s Fabian Aichner and Marcel Barthel beat debuting superstars Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen. He also made it clear he’s returning to Europe next week for WWE’s UK tour.

McIntyre, who is currently on Monday Night RAW, made it clear he was ready for a fight, that is if WALTER is up for it. The tweet is above.

Drew McIntyre Vs. WALTER … Coming Soon?

WALTER hasn’t been around since losing the NXT UK Title. For those that recall, he dropped the championship at NXT TakeOver 36, in late August.

Ilja Dragunov became the new NXT UK Champion. However, many believe that WALTER will return to storylines soon.

It’s interesting to note that WALTER did not respond to Drew’s tweet. Could something be going on here?

Speaking of NXT 2.0, among several debuts, there’s one that has the backstage buzzing. Sounds like the new talent resembles a very popular WWE Hall of Famer.

New WWE NXT Superstar Compared To Edge

There were several debuts this week during WWE’s “revamped” NXT 2.0 launch. Von Wagner was one of them.

Drew McIntyre Vs. WALTER

Source: Squared Circle Report, Twitter, Screenshot

Many fans have never seen him before. The good news is, he made a solid impression.

Wagner’s real name is Cal Bloom. It sounds like there are some huge plans in the making for him.

According to Wrestling News, there’s a ton of hype on Von Wagner. It seems as if “everyone” feels as if he resembles a “young” Edge.

That’s a pretty incredible compliment. One source reveals that Von is “rough around the edges”, but he has “something”.

Moreover, the source notes that Vince McMahon believes Wagner could be a bit deal. He added though, it will take some time.

New WWE NXT Superstar Has An Edge To Him …

The report also states that VKM sees Von as a future WrestleMania main eventer. He clearly has a bright future ahead in the company.

Wagner is the son of the second-generation wrestler, Wayne Bloom. This might be exactly the type of person McMahon is looking to showcase on NXT 2.0.

There’s more interesting news about the revamp debut. It seems as if Vince went over the show’s script with Ed Koskey before they hit the air.

This may mean that there were last-minute changes to the plan. Regardless, the episode did offer up some interesting action.

Plus, the debuts of many second-generation wrestlers added an interesting feel. Is Von Wagner destine to walk the same path that Edge will?

It’s still hard to say at this point, and only time will tell. Regardless, it’ll be interesting to see what this young talent does in that NXT squared circle, moving forward.